Facebook’s Revenue Dips Slightly; Trends Or Heavy Competition To Be Blamed?

After two years of climbing high, Facebook has reported its first slide in revenue generation.Facebook, in its quarterly results has divulged its first dip in revenue. In figures, Facebook made US$ 205 Million this quarter as against US$ 233 Million a year earlier. Though the dip is not much (12%), market watchers are already speculating the affects on the upcoming IPO for the Social...
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Facebook Readies For May IPO Release: Halts Secondary Market Trading

Facebook has issued directives to halt trading of its shares on secondary markets. A move clearly indicating preparations for an IPO release this May.The social networking giant has specifically asked firms that facilitate trading of its privately held shares to stop doing so by next week. This move is intended to stop the changes in valuation of its shares. It is a vital step meant to form a firm...
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Fake Threats To Shutdown Facebook Emerge On The Internet

Anonymous are known for DDOS attacks on government and organizational websites. They stand for the protection of anonymity and other online rights on the web. They attack those who they perceive as deniers of these rights. Anonymous is not an organization. Instead it is a loose collective with no leaders and hence cannot be tracked easily. They have recently taken down the US Department of justice...
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Zuckerberg’s Big Announcement Of Facebook Timeline At f8 Conference

The Facebook Developer’s Conference concluded early this morning (23 September). Amidst all the hype and excitement Facebook took stage in the form of its various speakers, with the intention of blowing everyone away – Facebook quote about the conference from a few weeks back, “biggest announcements since the birth of the platform”. Did they succeed?Let’s say, if you were living in a lively...
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