Dell Agrees To Pay Microsoft License Fees For Android And Chrome OS Devices

Dell is the latest company which has agreed to pay Microsoft royalties on the sales of its Android and Chrome OS based products. Microsoft has had this ‘unique’ patent licensing agreement with other OEMs like Samsung, HTC and Fujitsu. So this question comes up – Why would Microsoft get royalty on products being developed by Google?According to Microsoft, Google’s Android and Chrome OS...
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Xbox And Bing Might Be Sold Off If Stephen Elop Becomes CEO Of Microsoft

Microsoft is hunting for a new CEO after Steve Ballmer announced that he would be leaving within a year. There have been reports that Stephen Elop and  Alan Mulally have been considered as external candidates for the post. Stephen Elop, a previous Microsoft executive, left to join Nokia as its CEO. Nokia’s smartphone business was acquired by Microsoft recently and he is now back with Microsoft when...
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Microsoft’s Xbox Music Web Version Goes Live

Xbox Music web version is here. While it was widely expected to launch earlier this week according to The Verge, but it’s live right now and new or registered Xbox users can sign up for a paid or free 30-day trial. Xbox Music web shares the Windows 8-look of the Xbox 360’s interface, has an adaptive interface and requires an Xbox Live Gold membership (US$5/pm) on top of the monthly Xbox Music...
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Microsoft Unveils Next-Generation Xbox One At Redmond Event

Games Xbox
Microsoft has unveiled the next-generation hardware successor of the popular gaming console Xbox 360, the Xbox one at an event yesterday at Redmond. Microsoft claims that the Xbox One will be the ultimate stop for all types of entertainment, and has even gone to call it a device meant for much more than gaming. It has been dubbed as ‘the all-in-one entertainment system’ by the company itself....
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The Evolution Of Gaming And Where It Is Heading

Around the time that India got independence in 1947, world’s first video game patent was being filed for a cathode ray amusement device. Video games never received mainstream popularity till late 70s to early 80s when arcade games took the general public by storm and eventually became a rage among the adult and children alike. Pac man and Ms. Pac man were the iconic ones that went down to being the...
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Microsoft’s SmartGlass Enables Xbox Content To Be Portable

Xbox Gaming consoles have been around for quite some time. Their immersive gaming & stunning life-like graphics have changed the gaming industry. Backed by world’s leading technology industry, Microsoft, Xbox has enjoyed mass appeal. But, as evident from recent developments that the gaming phenomenon is slowly shifting from large screened TVs to mobiles & tablets. The reasons being instant...
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Ballmer Says Microsoft Will Be The New Apple; We Say, Really?

Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, in his annual letter published to shareholders on Tuesday said that sooner than later Microsoft will go the Apple way. What the chief executive meant to say was that Microsoft is looking to expand from its software stand and will eventually foray head-long into hardware. The company already has its own Surface tablet and Xbox gaming consoles and might soon add phones to...
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Microsoft Launches SmartGlass, An Interactive Mobile Aid For The Xbox 360

Microsoft has been making some noise at the recently organised E3 event with many game and technology previews. There is however a big announcement as far as XBOX functionality is considered. They demoed a new software application called “SmartGlass” which is essentially a very full featured remote controller for your Xbox.Source: Engadget.comSmartGlass can help you with a lot of...
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Apple Now More Profitable Than Microsoft

Financial results have started coming in, and with that Apple has become more profitable than Microsoft, in fact the most profitable company in the industry. This was the first time Apple’s profits topped that of Microsoft’s in the past two decades.Just a year ago Apple passed Microsoft in market cap and later it passed Microsoft in revenues as well. Microsoft had a net income of $5.23...
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Social Networking Finally Makes It On XBOX Live – Games Go Social!

Microsoft has launched social networking features on XBOX Live allowing users to multi-task their playing along with social interactions. Microsoft perhaps feels that Facebook & Twitter syndrome could easily help it to win console war. Subscriber of XBOX Live services will now be able to update their status on Facebook & Twitter regarding content they are playing on their Xbox 360 consoles....
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