Announcing The Shortlisted Nominees For WAT Awards 2012!

The online voting phase for WAT Awards 2012 ended at 10 pm yesterday. What a day it was! We were absolutely overwhelmed by the stellar response that we got. It feels good to know that Digital agencies and brands are finally getting the due credit for their outstanding work.WAT Awards, this year, is the only event in the country which has incorporated an online voting mechanism which helps to balance...
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WATSummit 2012 Begins This Friday. Have You Registered Yet?

watsummit logo
WATSummit, our annual 2 day event focusing on the insights into the digital industry in India commences this Friday 20th January along with prestigious WATAwards which will take place on the evening of 20th Jan itself.As our readers might have already known, this Year’s theme is ‘Dawn of the Digital Age’ & we have confirmed speakers from myriad spheres from the Online Community.  We...
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Welcoming Ben Edelman, Our Keynote Speaker For WATSummit 2012

WATSummit 2012 is just a week away. Joining our already impressive line-up of speakers is Prof. Ben Edelman, Assistant Professor at Harvard Business School to the Summit. He will be delivering the second keynote speech on Day 1 of the Summit which titled, ‘Building a Global Internet Company: Driving traffic to your website.’ He is attached to the Negotiation, Organization & Markets unit at...
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Welcoming Parijat Chakraborty, TNS India At WATSummit 2012

Most of us are living a Digital Life today. We use smartphones, we conduct our business on the Internet, we shop online and the most important of all, we look for any kind of information first on the web. The web’s capacity as an information exchange medium is unparalleled. This Digital Life is most convenient for us but what are the implications of this life on products, brands and companies?...
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Welcoming Narayanan Madhavan, Hindustan Times As A Speaker At WATSummit 2012

‘Content is King but why is it free?’ is one of the topics for a stimulating panel discussion during WATSummit 2012. We are glad to have Mr. Narayanan Madhavan of Hindustan Times for this panel discussion. Madhavan is a senior journalist, columnist and editor with  more than 25 years of experience. He is currently the Associate Editor at Hindustan Times and writes a weekly column on technology,...
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Welcoming Muralikrishnan B: Country Manager Of eBay India As A Speaker At WATSummit 2012

E-commerce is big in India and it is still on the rise. So it makes makes perfect sense for us to invite the man the man who heads eBay’s operations in India to WATSummit 2012. Muralikrishnan B. is the dynamic 36 year old Country Manager for eBay India. He is responsible for leading eBay’s business in India, Philippines and Malaysia. Very passionate about e-commerce and its potential in the country...
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Welcoming Lavina Tauro Of UTV As A Speaker At WATSummit 2012

Lavina Tauro
As far as any type of media is concerned, content is the undisputed king. Content and ways to optimize it are evolving continuously as we cross into the Digital Age. We have instituted a panel at WATSummit which will be addressing this and is titled ‘Content is king but why is it free?‘ and will feature some well-known people from the industry as they give some important insights on the...
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Welcoming Vivek Bhargava Of Communicate2 As A Speaker At WATSummit 2012.

It gives us great pleasure to announce that Vivek Bhargava of Communicate2 is going to be a speaker on the panel, ‘Clicks Vs. Conversations – The Real Measurement for Digital Advertising/Campaigns’. Vivek is the founder and MD at Communicate2, a firm which specializes in social media and digital media strategies. He has a 13 years of experience in the Indian Digital Industry and is going...
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Welcoming Karthik Srinivasan Of Edelman India As A Speaker At WATSummit 2012

Measuring the reach and success of a Digital Campaign is the Holy Grail of the Digital industry these days. Who better to speak on this topic than ‘Social Media Guru’ Karthik Shrinivasan, He is communications specialist who has over 13 years experience in creating and managing brand perceptions in both Client and Agency environments. He heads Digital Strategy over at Edelman India and is quite...
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Welcoming Rajesh Lalwani Of Blogworks As A Speaker At WATSummit 2012

January is inching closer and we are extremely excited about WATSummit 2012. We have managed to get all the people who are well known and respected in the Indian Digital Industry to participate in the summit. So, it goes without saying that if you have anything to do with Digital advertising and marketing, you should be book your passes right away! Today we will be introducing another eminent speaker...
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