YouTube Starts Auditing Videos For Fake Views

In a move to keep all the video views authentic, YouTube has announced that it has started ‘audit’ of videos. The move is aimed at checking fraudulent views which will ensure advertisers that their campaigns on the portal reach a genuine audience. The video sharing site┬ásaid the new system would help stop videos being artificially inflated in perceived popularity.“As part of our...
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The M-Banking Revolution In India Is Underway. Are You A Part Of It?

mobile banking
The internet has brought us some nifty time-saving tools. But one of them which truly holds the potential to revolutionize everything from bill payment to shopping is Banking. Furthermore, with the people increasingly going mobile, banks are realizing & re-aligning their strategies to include & give impetus to mobile banking or as its called; M-Banking.Mobiles today, even many feature-phones,...

The Beautiful World of Art Direction, HTML 5 and iPad

Art directed web content is something I wrote about on WATblog a few months back. It was long overdue then I thought, at least it lay in my drafts for 3 months before I published it. However recent developments is sort of making me go back to it, and I feel the topic is going to be a lot more relevant in the next couple of years. Importantly these developments give a whole different perspective to...
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How Does Your Brand’s Online Resume Read?

The question brands need to ask today is will their target audience feel like having the brand as part of their team. The team can be their circle of friends, their family, their workplace, anywhere that they interact and build something of value. Importantly the team is part of their own identity, the sense of ‘tribe’. The last time I said these words to a colleague of mine, he shrieked...
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Social Media Might Never Really Achieve its Potential

I hope it does, and I hope that’s what everyone who is enthusiastic about this new wave of web democracy is pushing for. However, for social media the speed of its growth is something of a disadvantage really. And for that reason it perhaps might never reach the potential it holds. Marketers are somewhat a special breed, their greatest strength perhaps lies in observation. That sows the seed...
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