Twitter Has Launched A Custom Timeline Feature Which Shows Curated Tweets

custom timeline
While Twitter is a continuously updating the medium of real-time communication, it is easy for users to lose track of important tweets about some topics that they want to follow due to the firehose of updates. One way of controlling this is to carefully select who you want to follow but this approach does not work so well, especially if you are following a lot of people. Another way is to use hashtags...
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Tweetdeck Gets A New Look

Twitter has pushed yet another design update to their Tweetdeck web app. The app now sports a better UI design and makes it even more simple for power users to get right into the thick of things on Twitter.The control menu and options have shifted to the left in a style not different from the Facebook redesign. You can expand it and close it when you want. The search bar is now accessible a little...
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Twitter Is Killing Tweetdeck’s Mobile And AIR Based Desktop Apps

Tweetdeck has undergone quite a change in direction after its acquisition by Twitter. Originally focused on mobile and AIR based desktop apps, the service turned its direction to the web with their Chrome and Web app. The mobile app hasn’t changed at all. Twitter has been increasingly focusing on the web version of Tweetdeck and leaving the other versions unattended. Now, Tweetdeck has announced...
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Tweetdeck Gets New Look And Better Functionality

Tweetdeck, the service that most power users swear by, has just received a design and functionality update. Twitter had acquired Tweetdeck last year and the succeeding updates to the service with new branding and features seemed very half-baked. The product lacked consistency with Twitter and for some time I was under the impression that it was abandoned or something. Twitter announced the updated...
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Posterous And Twitter; Will It Be A Successful Combination?

So Twitter acquires one more popular service.This time it is Posterous, the popular blogging platform. Posterous announced the acquisition on its official blog.  It is a clean and simple blogging platform and its acquisition by Twitter is very significant to the growth and development of the service. The Posterous blog reads, “The opportunities in front of Twitter are exciting, and we couldn’t...
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Special Features: Review Of Sony Tablet S

On 15th December 2011 we had had written about the launch of the Sony Tablets S and P and how it plans to give a tough competition to all the existing tablets in the market. So when we got the opportunity to review the tablet firsthand, it was a great chance to explore the possibilities of this new device, the promises it holds and whether this is the tablet that will break through the clutter, that...
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Twitter Cripples New Tweetdeck; Will It Drive Users Away?

Tweetdeck has long been the default way to access Twitter for a lot of people. In fact, it was the most widely used 3rd Party App for Twitter. They had iOS, Android, PC and Chrome Appss and a lot of power users used it. When Twitter purchased Tweetdeck for $50 Million, we hoped that they would not mess it up, but alas, that seems to have happened.Here’s a list of reasons, compiled by Mashable,...
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Tweetdeck Investment Coming Into Play In Twitter’s Newest Redesign: Should Facebook Be Scared?

Twitter, Facebook, Google + are arguably the 3 largest Social Networks. Twitter has seen a meteoric growth in the past few years. One reason for this was the high level of adoption among trend setters like celebrities. To counter that, Facebook introduced Pages and a Subscribe option where personalities could reach out to personalities.Twitter then bought over Tweetdeck, one of the largest 3rd...
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Twitter-TweetDeck Deal Finalized: Users Pray They Don’t Mess It Up

As was rumored earlier, Twitter has indeed been acquired TweetDeck, the popular cross platform Twitter Application, according to sources close to the deal. Twitter, which now has over 200 Million accounts, is said to have bought it for a price of over $40 Million in cash and stock. This is seen to be on the higher side and can be attributed to the company UberMedia also wanting to acquire it.Twitter...
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Twitter To Acquire TweetDeck For $40-$50 Million

The popular cross-platform Twitter client Tweetdeck is going to be acquired by Twitter, if a report by Michael Arrington at TechCrunch is to be believed. The deal is valued to be between $40 – $50 million and will be announced in the next few days. There were rumors about Twitter putting in an offer to acquire Tweetdeck in April and looks like those rumors were true. Tweetedeck started off as...
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