Twitter Adds Search Filter And Discovery Feature For Andriod And iOS

Twitter has updated iOS and Android app with much awaited feature of search filters. “We are updating our iOS and Android apps to make it easier to discover what’s happening on Twitter”, Twitter announced in a company blog post. It enables users to toggle between all relevant tweets and the most popular ‘Top Tweets’. The update also lets you filter by different...
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Memory Timeline Preserving Portal Joognu Revamps UI

JOOGNU  Online Photo Album  Video Storage  Online Diary   More For Storing Your Child s Memories
Web portals who offer to upload photos & have them printed & delivered, are multiple in number.  On the other hand, there are websites that inevitably record the finer moments in our lives. Giving the process of chronologically recording the multiple events & milestones in the lives of parents & kids, the website may have something unique to offer that clubs together the...
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India And Brazil Help Facebook Surpass 1.1 Billion Users

The big blue social network just got even bigger. Facebook has reported that it has 1.1 billion monthly active users in Q1 of 2013. The largest social media company said that that its monthly user base grew 5 per cent to 1.11 billion accounts as of end of March, from 1.06 million at the end of December. This was a 23 per cent growth from a year earlier.According to the report, an expanding user...
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Facebook Enables Open Graph Updates Via Mobile

Facebook recently revamped its timeline by making it easier for us to share richer stories about the books, movies, TV shows and music in our lives. The social network has made it easy to update the About Page on your Facebook Timeline which shows sections like movies, music, books and more.For example users can add movies to their “watched” or “want to watch” lists directly from News Feed....
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Facebook Overhauls Timeline With Emphasis On Apps and Cleaner Layout

fb timeline12
Your Facebook Timeline is getting another makeover. After giving its News Feed a major revamp last week, Facebook has now unveiled a redesign for its beloved Timeline in order to give users a more organized profile. First and foremost, the new Timeline layout is less crowded, a change the big blue social network claims was implemented with the help of feedback from Facebook users. The most noticeable...
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The Evolution Of Television Through The Ages And Where It Stands Now

Some inventions are a flash in the dark. They come and go while others are the ones which change human life and history. Britain, in early 1900′s saw the combined effort of a lot of genii over several decades that ended up using the cathode rays to be used in a device called ‘Television’. Since the first television broadcast, there has been a whole industry devised around the device...
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Popular News Social Reader Apps On Facebook To Shut Down

When Facebook announced Timeline last year which introduced the controversial feature of ‘frictionless sharing’. Frictionless sharing involves sharing of all data from the apps that you use on Facebook. If you read a article on a Facebook app, it would get shared automatically on the timeline and if you were listening to Spotify on Facebook, all the songs that you were listening to were shared...
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‘Deleted Photos Never To Be Accessible Again’, Thanks To Facebook Upgraded Privacy Settings

All the embarrassing and not quite posy pictures that you delete from your Facebook account will now be gone forever.Three years after Cambridge PhD student, Joseph Bonneau discovered that photos which he deleted from his account were still accessible by people who had the direct link to the photos, this privacy problem has been resolved by the social media giant. Deleted photos will be wiped out...
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Facebook Timeline Compulsory For Everyone After August 8th

Facebook is one of the most frequently accessed websites in the world, competing with the likes of Google. They recently went public in one of the world’s largest IPO’s. In a constantly changing world, Facebook too tries to bring the best user experience to their users. One such attempt to do so has been Facebook Timeline, which will be made compulsory post August 8th.  Facebook...
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Facebook Ramps Up Security Measures For Its Mobile Ecosystem

Following the compromise of LinkedIn’s security, Facebook has immediately taken steps to beef up its security measures. Though limited to its mobile ecosystem, Facebook is reportedly working on additional enhancements that will prevent the growing number of hackers from breaking-in.For non-Android users, Facebook has introduced ‘Account Lock-down’ & ‘Password Reset’ via mobile....
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