Canadian Accelerator Extreme Startups Sets Up Exchange Program With The Hatch

With India’s technological clout expanding significantly, Canada’s Extreme Startups has decided to set-up shop here. The startup accelerator program is backed by 5 of the most powerful Venture Capital firms in North America.Who will Extreme Start-ups support? This Toronto based group is known to work closely with technology-oriented companies with a focus on web or mobile-based software. The...
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Exclusive Interview: Puneet Vatsayan, Chairman and Co-Founder of The Hatch, India’s First Large Scale Incubator Program

India as a country has endless possibilities. Until now, enterprising youngsters had an uphill climb with respect to getting in touch with the right people, securing funding and starting up in general. Since till now, you could only secure Venture Capital but that is not all when it comes to a startup. Emerging companies and their helmsmen also require guidance and support and a firm which provides...
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