Samsung Fined $340,000 For Shady Marketing Tactics Against HTC In Taiwan

Samsung is not having a good day, it seems. Earlier, we wrote about how a jury has directed Samsung to pay Apple an additional $290 million in damages. Now, Taiwan’s Fair Trade Commission has fined Samsung $340,000 for engaging in negative and slanderous marketing ploys against HTC (although the company is not named in the judgement).Earlier, Samsung Taiwan was in the news for having hired paid...

NRIs May Boost Domestic Realty, Feels

Real Estate Portal has unveiled an exclusive section meant for NRI’s. Presently, the site has projects spread across 14 metros.A while ago a similar initiative was launched by MagicBricks. Such websites seem to have realized the potential in offering quality listings to people who cannot scout for properties personally. NRIs either rely on agents or in this cases reality websites....
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Google’s First Asian Data Center To Open In HongKong

Believing the IAMAI report, Google is busy opening a new data center in HongKong at the cost of US$ 300 Million. Economist Intelligence Unit [EIU], in it’s Sptemeber report had revealed that Asian economies are fast catching up to the West in terms of their IT competitiveness. Internal reports from Google show Asia has the fastest growing number of Internet users in the world. Hence they want...
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Asians Prefer Online Shopping Reveals Report

Shattering previous speculations, a new Survey has revealed that Asians prefer to shop & pay bills online.Visa eCommerce Consumer Monitor 2010, the survey which revealed the reassuring findings for online e-commerce websites that Asians, particularly South Asians from mainland China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand are increasingly reaching for the mouse to buy goods & pay...
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Intel Launches $300 Million Ultrabook Fund To Counter Tablets

Intel seeks to make a cracking comeback into the Laptop scene with an entirely new category of laptops called Ultrabooks, a “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” machine powered by the new 22nm Ivy Bridge processors and costing under $1,000. Initial specs make it seem like a cross between the MacBook Air and the iPad, bringing us all the benefits of tablets but with the performance and capabilities...
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Ojas-backed Tyfone Raises Funds And Grows

There exists a sector in the business world that is bent upon making human life (life related to business transactions) easier with the aid of technological innovations. Innovations such as mobile banking, mobile contactless payments, mobile identity management, etc that transform the way one transacts. From this sector emerges an up and coming technology firm named Tyfone that masters the facilitation...
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ACi Coming Up With Low-Priced Laptops For Laptop Lovers In 2008!

Earlier we had blogged about a breakthrough internet device coming out at just $100.00, We have just heard some more news.Allied Computers International Asia Pvt ltd, also popularly known as ACi, is launching a laptop for just Rs. 15,000/- only in the midst of the coming new year 2008 .   The laptop is set to roll out in May/June 2008. The feature of this laptop will be that it will have...
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