India’s Software Exports Surges By 37% To 3.41 lakh Crores: RBI

Indian tech and software industry have been growing well, but last year was particularly good for the segment.Software related products and IT enabled services registered an impressive growth of 37% on an Year on Year Basis. During the financial year 2012–2013, the segment conducted business worth 3.14 Lakh Crores (US$ 62.6 Billion), found the apex Bank; Reserve Bank of India (RBI), “India’s...
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Phishing Attacks Affect 20% Of Indians: Microsoft Survey

Microsoft has released the results of the third annual Microsoft Computing Safer Index (MCSI) that reveals impact of poor online safety precautions being taken. The company surveyed over 10,000 consumers in 20 countries including India. Out of these 10,000 consumers, 20 percent of Indians had claimed that they had been victims of online phishing attacks and in a worrying statistic, 12 percent Indians...
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Google Introduces In Ad Surveys To Understand Why Users Mute Ads

mute ads google
Google has announced that it will soon roll out in-ad surveys that will appear as soon as a user mutes a certain ad. The surveys will be presented in a form of series to users in English speaking countries. They will enable users to give a feedback about the ads they choose to hide or close.‘These surveys will help us understand why users mute ads, serve better ads to users, spot publishers...
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Online Shoppers Found To Actively Scout Coupons: Cuponation Survey

Online Shoppers seem to have developed a strong liking to the concept of coupons revealed, a site that serves up aggregated coupons. Coupons are usually site-specific strings of codes that are supposed to be used at the checkout. If valid, the coupons, often strike-off some amount from the bill. These micro incentives seem to have spurred up a new line of portals that focus on collating...
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Symantec Conducts ‘Mobility Survey’ For Consumers & Businesses; Draws Insightful Conclusions

Symantec has unveiled the findings of two surveys, the ‘Symantec State of Mobility Survey 2013’ which focuses on key trends in the enterprise mobile space and the ‘Norton Cybercrime Report 2012’ which talks about the key trends in the consumer mobile space. Both the surveys are India-centric.  ‘Symantec State of Mobility Survey 2013’This survey focuses on Indian businesses and their...
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23% Women Are Entrepreneurs And 77% Are Employed – Survey

ApnaCircle Survey - What Career Women  Want is a social media platform for professionals. Business, career and networking are the three pillars on which this social media site is built. In the recent past,, which was founded by Mr. Yogesh Bansal and which is now a Viadeo Group Company, revamped its user-interface to enable easy navigation.  It also launched a Blackberry app last year so as to woo the executive...
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Between 2011-2012, Indian Luxury Property Market Grew At 64%: Sulekha Report

If you think the market has been hit by recession, then you need to specify which market. Because, if the findings of the Sulekha Report for luxury property sales are anything to go by then recession is but a meaningless term when it comes to real estate!, an e-commerce platform that offers classified ads, bikes & mobile deals and that started off as a yellow pages site, had launched...
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Expected News! Facebook Ranks Low In Customer Satisfaction

We spent a major part of the last quarter of 2012 telling you how and why Facebook is getting things wrong. Be it random policy changes, the launch of forced features like video ads in newsfeeds, the launch and mandatory implementation of the Timeline feature or the changes in privacy settings – change has been the only constant as far as Facebook offerings are concerned.Having had enough of these...
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Majority Of Indians Would Pay To Have An Ad-Free Online Experience: IPSOS

Online Ads have become a very common occurrence. In fact, all of our online sessions are strewn with some form of advertisements. While some are in the face & intrusive, others are subtle & come along as text & banners.While many of us would think of advertising as an unavoidable eye-sore, a new survey by online market research company Ipsos has offered an interesting public opinion about...
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Content Marketing Is The Right Way Forward For B2C Marketers In India

Marketers are always looking at ways to engage with people; to get the attention of potential customers and to retain the interest of loyal ones. This content comes in various forms and across multiple platforms – be it on social media (facebook, pinterest, twitter, youtube, etc.), or e-mailers or website articles, so on. The need for marketers and brands to connect with the audience is pertinent...
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