Google Seeks Content For Television Via Internet

Search Giant Google is apparently trying to pave way to offer TV-Style broadcasting via internet. It seems the company is conducting a series of investigations about the possibilities & sources of content as well.This time, the company is trying to beam premium & paid content. Since the advent of Direct To Home (DTH), the concept of Pay Per View (PPV) & selective content has taken strong...
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Global Smartphone Subscription To Hit 4.5 Billion By 2018: Ericsson Report

We all know that smartphones have become ubiquitous. But, how ubiquitous exactly? According to a latest report by Ericsson the world will have 4.5 billion smartphone subscription by the end of 2018. Smartphones accounted for approximately 50 percent of all mobile-phone sales in Q1 2013, in comparison with roughly 40 percent for the whole of 2012.The research found that video was the key driver...
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YouTube May Charge For Some Of Its Services By The End Of The Year

Youtube has seen quite a bit of cosmetic and UI changes over the last year. The website was revamped numerous times, there were some issues regarding video streaming time and issues with video upload but despite all it has gone through, YouTube still remains the number one video sharing website on the internet. YouTube, by the end of the year might start having paid subscriptions for some of the content...
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Docomo Offers Unlimited Gaming For A Monthly Fee; Gamer’s Delight?

Tata Docomo has inked an agreement with Extent to allow its subscribers unlimited access to ‘GameTanium’, for a monthly fee. Simply titled ‘Let’s Play’ this service is channeled through the Company Extent’s subscription based gaming service.How’s this service different from say, buying the games individually or playing free games? Well, for starters, all the games will be full &...
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Britannica To Compete With Wikipedia In India?

There is no denying the fact that the entry of wikipedia in our lives has made a significant change in the quest for information, the optimal use being made by students who sometimes wonder what their life would be without this storehouse of knowledge. What do you generally do when you want to procure information about a particular topic? You log on to Google or Wikipedia and just search for it. I...
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[How To] Convert RSS Feeds Into Emails

How many RSS Feeds have you subscribed to, till date? Do you even know what a RSS Feed is? Have you ever used a feed reader? There are a lot many of us who either hate or do not even know how to set up RSS feeds. A lot many people prefer content updates to be delivered right to their email addresses. A friend of mine satisfies most of his internet needs at the expense of his working hours but since...
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EA to take up Subscription Model for Online Gaming? Here’s a Piece of Advise from WATBlog

     It seems the success of World of Warcraft is getting onto the nerves of some of the other pronounced game publishing companies. Now, it’s Electronic Arts (EA) planning to come up with a subscription based online gaming model. Popular games from the EA stable, that I can figure out and that might be playable online, are Need for Speed, Crysis, FIFA, The Sims, Rockband and...