Just A Year On, Apple Sorely Misses Jobs

Apple Inc. the brainchild & fructification of Steve Jobs untiring efforts seems to be slowly losing its thunder. Today, exactly a year ago, the iconic visionary & CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, passed away after his prolonged battle with pancreatic cancer. Though he had handed the baton of responsibility to Tim Cook, people will always remember the charismatic leader that re-invented the wheel...
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RIP Steve Jobs – India Mourns #iSad

The technology world has witnessed a day of mourning today as the Apple Chairman and Ex-CEO of many years Steve Jobs passed away. Every tweet on twitter is mourning the passing away of a great visionary. In many ways its the passing away of one of the greated technology visionaries of our generation. A man who inspired creative thinking and practiced flawless execution is no more. Everyone from Bill...
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