Google Play Music Lands On iOS

Google Play Music has finally been launched for iOS since its announcement on Android in May this year. The music streaming service from Google enables users to store up to 20,000 songs from your personal music collection for free online and listen to music from all your devices without syncing.Google’s Senior Vice President of Android, Chrome and Google Apps, Sundar Pichai had announced...
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Twitter Launches Its Music App For iOS And The Web

After quite a bit of speculation, Twitter has taken its music service live on iOS and the web. Basically it is a recommendation engine which crunches data about the music that is trending on the social network. Besides that, Twitter Music also doubles a music app and play full length songs if you have a Rdio or Spotify account. Sadly, these services are not available in India so we cannot take full...
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Dhingana Signs An Ad Deal With Universal Music India

Dhingana, the Indian music streaming service has gotten itself a 2 year ad deal with Universal Music India. This is its first major ad partnership and it was finalized after a 2 week ad test run which apparently yielded significant results. The news was first reported in Adweek 2 days ago.Dhingana, which started operations in 2007 has now gone on to amass 15 million monthly users. To put that in...
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Apple And Amazon Better Watch Out. Xbox Music Is Here!

Xbox Music
We first heard about Microsoft’s Xbox music service at this year’s E3 gaming expo. At that time most analysts thought that it was a bad attempt on the software giant’s part to replicate iTunes. This past Sunday Microsoft revealed new information about the service and it seems that Xbox Music is aiming for a lot more than merely aping iTunes.   The service, which will be available for the...
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Sify Launches Reader App; Hopes To Garner Users With Facebook Platform

Claiming to be one of the most efficient modes of communication and progressively breaking barriers of technology innovation and outreach on the internet, Facebook’s name has now been synonymous with ‘the social network’ despite having predecessors. It’s not just a simple forum for sharing and discussion, it’s a packaged deal replete with applications which make the Facebook experience more...
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Spotify Ties Up With Yahoo For On Demand Music

Source: The Verge
Spotify, the popular music streaming service has tied up with Yahoo to further their reach using Yahoo’s network. Spotify was among the first to have a partnership with Facebook when it launched the Open Graph Protocol and it has done well on the social network. Spotify’s intentions however, are not to stick to just Facebook and its 900 million users but to spread wider across the digital landscape.Source:...
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War On Piracy Continues: 104 Music Sharing Sites To Be Blocked

Few days ago, we spoke about popular file download site being blocked by ISP’s due to a directive by the Calcutta High Court.  We also said how easily the website circumvented the block by simply changing its URL.  The same high court has issued a directive to ISP’s of India to block a total of 104 Music Download Sites. It looks like the effort to eradicate piracy in...
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Facebook Partners With Saavn To Tap Into The Indian User Base

Saavn the Spotify for Indian music is now in an alliance with Facebook to launch big as global social music discovery network. Saavn already has an influx of 700, 000 Facebook users. Facebook has now ventured out to decode the social music codes. Along with that Facebook also foresees a prospect of reaching out to the Indian high growing market. From launching its Timeline app till this partnership...
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Google Launches Google Music: Will It Give iTunes A Run For Its Money?

Google is getting ready to ramp up its open ecosystem by adding one more key service, Google Music. This music service will compete with Amazon’s music services, Apple’s iTunes and Facebook’s music integration with third parties like Spotify. Google had launched Music Beta, where you could upload up to 20000 songs to the cloud.Today, Google released removed the beta label off the product...
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Spotify Adds A Private Listening Mode For Facebook‭’‬s Open Graph

Facebook recently unveiled their new feature called Open Graph last week at the F8 developer conference. Open Graph is a new protocol which helps in integrating real world activities into the social graph. Activities can include listening to music, cooking, cycling, etc. This helps web pages to deliver a more interactive product to their audiences.We had reported that Spotify, the UK music...
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