SnapChat Now Deals With Spam Owing To Recent Security Breach

Online Image based messaging platform SnapChat has become the latest victim of Spam that has started to infuriate its users.For the past few days, SnapChat users have become victims of increased quantum of spam based messages. The auto-destruct picture sharing company has even issued an official apology and has assured its users that corrective steps are being taken to ensure the amount of spam is...
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Facebook Spammers Rake $200Million Yearly By Posting Links On Facebook

Did you know that spreading spams on the world’s biggest social network is a separate industry raking money? Apparently, spammers posting third-party links on Facebook earn about $200million per year, according to Italian security researchers reports The Guardian. The research reveals that a single post that contains a spam link is worth from $13 to $58, depending on how many likes the Facebook...
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Google Announces Updates To Gmail And Calendar

Google has announced improvements to its popular productivity offerings, Gmail and Calendar. This can be seen as part of the design overhaul that Google is bringing across the portfolio of its services. The overall Google design sports a design aesthetic which tends towards the rising trend of flat design.   Gmail: The Gmail app now has a new inbox which is designed to minimize your distractions and...
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PlatformPlay Announces Tie-up With NLPCaptcha

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PlatformPlay, Rammohan Sundaram’s new startup has announced a tie-up with the innovative CAPTCHA service called NLPCaptcha which is designed to use to the spam blocking mechanism of CAPTCHA and integrate advertising messages. The company announced that the entire sales inventory of NLPCaptcha will be moved to PlatformPlay in a phased manner.NLPCaptcha launched in 2011 and has since since seen wide...
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India Climbs Down To Third Spot On Sophos Labs’ Spammiest Nation Chart

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According to the latest report from Sophos Labs, India has now climbed down two spots to become the third biggest spam spewing nation in the world. The USA and China now occupy the first two slots. In their previous report from last year, India had topped among other nations as the world’s biggest spam spewing country.The report called Dirty Dozen lists the top 12 spam spewing countries in the...
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Android App ‘India Against Spam’ Wants To Rid The Country Of Spam SMSs And Calls

My Portable World has reported the existence of an Android app which can report mobile spammers to the TRAI very easily. The app is called India Against Spam and is currently live on Google Play. It can be downloaded for free. The app is compatible with all Android phones which have OS version 2.1 and above.Reporting spam or Unsolicited Commercial Communication (UCC)  to the TRAI has been around...
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Norton Announces The Launch Of Hindi Support Centre In India

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Norton, the international company that offers web and computer security products has announced that it has opened a Hindi language support centre in India to cater to the growing number of Hindi speaking users who are accessing the Internet. Starting today, Norton users can call this support centre and get support in Hindi.Ritesh Chopra, Country Sales Manager, India, Norton spoke about this new offering.“We...
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New Captcha System Relies On Empathy To Keep Spambots At Bay

We have all faced the CAPTCHA at some point in our Internet dependent existence. It has made us feel irritated at having to prove that we are human even though it exists for a good purpose. Without CAPTCHAs, comment boards would be filled with spam-bots offering you dildos and penis enlargements. The spam has reduced but CAPTCHA is still vulnerable.The Civil Rights Defenders which is activist group,...
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83 Million Facebook Accounts Are Fake!

Mashable is reporting that the number of fake Facebook profiles has amounted to an astounding figure of 83 million! The company has disclosed this information itself in its 10-Q filing. This means that somewhere around 8.7% of the Facebook user base is fake. There is more info provided in the filing which deals with the types of bogus accounts on the social network. Out of this fake account percentage,...
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Social Networking Sites are a Haven for Hackers, Says Report

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If you think social networking sites are safe and all the information that you share on these is limited to your friends alone, then you are wrong. The Internet Security Threat Report suggests that social networking sites are increasingly being used to launch malware attacks in India and also to perpetrate crimes like identity thefts. The method used by the miscreants is rather simple and unassuming....
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