Social Media Guru’s Predict Google+’s Future In India

With the kind of mass users that Facebook has, it is almost impossible for any other social network to penetrate and garner users. However, if ever there was someone who could do it, it is Google. While networks like Twitter have their own niche and are not targeted at each and every person, Google+ is a direct competitor to Facebook, offering almost everything it does, with Google’s touch...
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The State of Social Media in India

Lets begin with a small but relevant data; India had only 25,000 Internet users back in 1998. Yes, its true. It is difficult to believe the data today keeping in mind the growth India has achieved in the last decade and a half with currently 100 million Internet users. Infact, the growth has doubled in the last 5 years from a mere 42 million in 2007. And this is just the beginning as the penetration...
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Indian Social Media Landscape 2011 – Video By Nielsen

Check the following video.. Made in the socialnomics mould its a take on the current status of social media.. Must watch for all brand advertisers and marketers.. httpv:// Do you agree with the video? Do marketers need to rethink India?
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Social Media India Statistics – 45 Million Indians On Social Media By 2012

Social Media in India is growing by leaps and bounds but till date there was no definitive research that tracked this growth. But now The Nielsen Company conducted in collaboration with AbsolutData a report on social media in India.The findings of the report are as follows:30 million Indians who are online consumers are members of social networking sites 20 million of these spend time on social...

Is Social Media Bubble Knocking At The Door?

Warren Buffett, chairman and chief executive officer of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. warned investors on Friday saying “It’s extremely difficult to value social-networking-site companies…Most of them will be overpriced.” However, Buffet added, “Some will be huge winners, which will make up for the rest.”Earlier this year, there were two instances where Twitter and Facebook...
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Facebook To Reach Half Of The U.S. Population In 2013: eMarketer

Early this year, eMarketer predicted that social media giants like Facebook and Twitter will see their ad revenues ascend. Their  prediction is that in 2011, 132.5 million U.S internet users will use the social network monthly. As for Twitter, the number of international users will increase more than that of domestic users.The increase in number of Facebook users is estimated by eMarketer to...
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30% Indians Access Social Media Via Mobiles: Social Media Survey

A very interesting survey has been recently completed by Indiabiz News & Research Services (INRS). The survey was conducted with the aim of tracking the emerging social media behavior in the youth. 350 respondents were questioned across the 4 Indian metropolitans Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore. The survey has yielded some very interesting numbers and results.One of the first few...

The Social Media Herd Syndrome – Will We Kill The Golden Goose?

Nothing succeeds like Success and also nothing is followed as much as success is. Its been 4 years (almost) since I started blogging and almost 3 since I started advising brands and corporates on social media communications. In hindsight Ive made many mistakes on many fronts both while blogging and while advising clients. One thing is for sure thought I didn’t follow anyone. At the time when...

Social Media Workshop Delhi (Gurgaon) – 22nd May

Its time to be Social Savvy! WATConsult and IAMAI present to you a one day workshop on Social Media & its best practices! To all marketers & advertisers, communication & PR professionals, journalists, startups, budding entrepreneurs, social media enthusiasts & digital marketing practitioners.Get ready for an interactive session on Social Media With the WATConsult Team. I would be...
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The State of Indian Premiere League (IPL 3) on Social Media in 2010

Guest Post By Sahil Shah (Cross Posted from Socialtrakr) The Indian Premiere League right from its existence since 2008 has managed to attract eye balls.  From cricket to entertainment the hoopla has been all over the country. Every new edition of the IPL is bigger and better than the former. Needless to say, recently two new teams (Pune and Kochi) were added to the bandwagon for IPL’s season 4...