Networkplay – One97 Tie Up For Mobile Ads – Sms, Voice & WAP

Mobile monetization is on everyone’s mind be it monetizing via downloads or via subscriptions. The aspect of mobile monetization which remains under leveraged till date inspite the reach of mobile phones is mobile advertising. To address this gap in reach vs advertisers one of India’s larger VAS players in One97 Communications have struck an alliance with Networkplay which as ad network...
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WATShow With Abhijeet Saxena – CEO – Netcore On Sms Aggregation, Advertising & Growth

We caught up with Abhijeet Saxena of Netcore and questioned him about the SMS aggregation business, sms advertising and its opportunities and challenges and also on the growth for sms aggregators. This and lots more in this exclusive WATShow. httpv:// If you are interested in sponsoring WATShow then do get in touch with us on info(at)
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WATShow With Satya Of SmsCountry – 160by2 On Sms Ads, China Expansion & More

Recently we blogged about how 160by2 was looking at expanding to the china market. We caught up with the founder of Smscountry – The company behind 160by2 and questioned him about 160by2, sms ads and his plans ahead. Check out the exclusive WATShow below: httpv:// For sponsorship of WATShow please contact info(at)
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Smsgupshup’s Monetization & Ad Sales Strategy – The Reseller Model

Insurance companies do it and so do financial institutions and banks so why not a sms company Webaroo which is well known by its product Not sure what Im talking about? Well the similarity between Banks/Financial Institutions and Smsgupshup is that they both seem to be following the reseller model to scale their reach and revenue. While banks appoint sales agencies to carry out sales...
3 comments Rolls Out New Features

Over the last month, the folks down at SMSCountry have been making some additions to their project.Around three weeks ago they came up with MyAds, which allows users to post their ads (under 65 characters) that will appear after the SMS of people. Anand, the chief blogger for said on the company’s blog: That is what our new launch is all about. ‘My Ads’ as we call...
1 comment Adds SMS App While Pizza Hut Goes Mobile With Its Campaigns

Mobile and Sms integration seems like its becoming a norm these days be it internet web portals or even retail brand. Two such recent developments have taken place when it comes to using the power of mobile to reach out to a larger audience.   The first such development is by which seems to have launched an sms application that lets you search properties from the site. Makaan which...

SMS Advertising Player MGinger To Go Regional

Well everybody in the WAT (Web, Advertising Technology) Space seems to be going regional so whether its  web portals,  im chat, search engines or mobile players everyone is after that regional customer down south. The next one to soon join the foray into the “we are regional” gang is MGinger the sms advertising company that we’ve covered before.   Not too long ago Mginger got funded...
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