The Next Big Thing: Gesture Control

Any significantly advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Imagine things turning off and on at the wave of a hand, phones obeying your command as you move your fingers in the air, or just operating an everyday toaster with a flick of your wrist. All this is going to be possible with “gesture control” technologies that are being developed at the major design centers of the world. Hardware...
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LG Acquires webOS From HP; Plans To Use It For Its Smart TVs

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LG Electronics has just infused life into webOS. Hewlett-Packard said that it will sell the webOS operating system to the South Korean technology giant LG Electronics for an undisclosed sum. LG is buying Palm’s webOS from HP to support its ‘Smart TV‘ technology. Smart TVs,  like smartphones are connected to the internet and allow for a more deeper and richer experience of interaction...
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Google Joins Hand With Freesat To Launch YouTube On Television

Google owned video sharing platform YouTube will be available on television by the end of March; customers of the BBC and ITV-backed satellite television operators will be able to tune in to YouTube through their set-top box without manually linking the television set to the internet. Google has signed a deal with Freesat, UK based satellite TV service, to launch the YouTube TV channel by the end of...
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Welcoming Sunil Kamath As A Panelist At WAT Summit & As Jury Member At WAT Awards 2013

Sunil Kamath Opera (1)
Sunil  Kamath  is  the  Vice  President  for  the  South  Asia  region  at  Opera Software.  His responsibilities  include  planning  and  executing  growth strategies  for  Opera’s  business  in  South  Asia,  across desktop,  mobile,  TV  & device  offerings.  His  role  also  involves  building  commercial  opportunities with telecom operators, digital...
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Users Watch Videos On Smart TVs And Ignore The Apps

Many pundits have declared that Smart TV is the next biggest thing in the tech space. Leading smartphone OS and device manufacturers are now looking at Smart TVs as the next logical step towards a hyper-connected and social landscape. While this may look feasible in theory, the fact is that TVs are not getting any smarter. The so-called Smart TVs that companies are releasing are connected to the Internet...
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Slingbox Poised To Enter Our Homes Via Online Stores

With a view of targeting Indian customers for its “Slingbox”, Sling media today announced its collaboration with eBay India, and who will offer a solid platform to customers who wish to buy video the place-shifting Sling media products. Sling Media’s collaboration with the portals is focused on endorsing Slingbox to a wider audience.Slingbox allows users to have complete...
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