Heartbleed Bug May Have Made Most Of The Internet Vulnerable For The Last 2 Years

Day before yesterday, it was revealed that a critical flaw has existed in the OpenSSL protocol for the last two years and no one knew anything about it. The existence of the bug, called Heartbleed, has made many security analysts and users very concerned. Since this bug was first introduced into the OpenSSL implementation in 2011, the protocol has been used by most major Internet websites to encrypt...
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Boeing Unveils Self-Destructing Android Smartphone

boeing black
US based aircraft manufacturer giant Boeing has unveiled its first Android smartphone that self destructs if it happens to fall into wrong hands. Dubbed as Boeing Black, the security-focused phone is developed for people working in defense and homeland security who need to keep communication secure and avoid data loss. FCC records indicate that it supports two SIM cards, and works on GSM, WCDMA...
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LinkedIn Adds Ability To Block Other Users On The Network

LinkedIn has finally added the ability to block unwanted users. The company said in a blog post that it has added the feature after repeated requests from members. If a user blocks another LinkedIn member, the two will no longer have access to each other’s profiles. The feature adds an additional layer to privacy controls by allowing users to block profiles, direct interactions and network activity...
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Could Geographical Passwords Help Make The Web Secure?

ZSS Research, based in UAE, has incorporated a new password design mechanism that centers on geographical locations. These credentials would be comprised or derived out of the various places visited by an individual that he can easily remember.With the password breaking threats increasing everyday and hackers breaking into the systems built with extreme care by the method of brute force, this method...
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Google Acquires Login Security Startup SlickLogin

Google’s acquisition of the a new Israeli login authentication startup may result in bringing a new and easy kind of authentication feature to Google services. This weekend, the search company confirmed the acquisition of the Israeli company SlickLogin. The company has only been active for a few months and Google’s early acquisition of the company means that their product was promising and the...
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Google Introduces ‘Good To Know’ Campaign In India for Internet Safety

With an aim to raise awareness about online safety, Google India has rolled out ‘Good To Know’ nationwide campaign. The campaign includes a series of online safety workshops that will reach out to schools, NGO’s, consumer and industry groups across the country. Google India has partnered with  Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) and Interest of Consumer Education (VOICE), a...
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TrueCaller Secures $18.8 Million In Funding From Sequoia And Others

Internet based mobile caller identification platform TrueCaller has confirmed successful closure of Series B Funding round totaling to US$ 18.8 Million.Sweden Based TrueCaller which collates Caller Info and then presents the same at the time when an unknown or unsaved caller calls, has admitted to raising US$ 18.8 Million in its Second Institutional Funding round. This round was led by Indian arm...
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Being Accused Of Snooping On Phone Messages, Facebook Denies Any Wrongdoing

Social Media Platform Facebook is amidst another security related controversy, being accused of spying on Android Users’ Phone Messages (SMS and MMS).Cyber Security and Antivirus maker Kaspersky has come–up with a disturbing observation in the updated Facebook App. The company was able to detect that the App seeks permission to ‘Read your text messages (SMS or MMS)’. In simple words, if the...
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SpalshData Unveils 25 Worst ‘Passwords’ Of 2013

Usually signing up for a new internet account is quite a daunting task for most of us and especially for those who are not comfortable with remembering the too many passwords. They either have a simple password and increase their chances of getting hacked or have a complicated password and change it from time to time as they can’t remember it.Last year, the word ‘Password’ was touted...
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Google Scoops Up Website Security Start-Up Impermium

Its been only a fortnight since the new year and Google has already made its second acquisition. The internet behemoth had acquired home tech firm Nest last week for $3.2 billion. This time the company has snapped Cybersecurity software company Impermium, as per a report from Tech Crunch. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.The acquisition was announced by Impermium CEO Mark Risher on the company...
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