SEBI Norms For Angel Fund Investing Offer Protection, But Limit Scope Of Investment

India’s financial market regulator, Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), had recently proposed a whole list of norms that the Angel Funding Companies had to abide by. While many of the rules appear to be detrimental to the proposed development of Startup ecosystem in India, it is quite evident that the regulator is actually trying to safeguard the interests of the companies to which the...
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Angel Funds Must Not Invest In Companies Older Than 3 Years, Says SEBI

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has officially announced changes to the way Angel Funds operate in India. The most prominent change is that Angel Funds now cannot invest in companies that are more than 3 years old.Other changes include the addition of ‘Angel Funds’ to the definition of Venture Capital Funds. The requirement for individual angel investors is that they have early...
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Sebi Thinks That Stock Market Manipulators Are Using Whatsapp And BBM To Influence Stock Prices

Sebi is finding it difficult to keep track of those who are influencing stock market prices by using the communication medium to their advantage. The modern communication methods make it incredibly easy for those who want to influence stock prices to deliver their message across to many people and thus bring about a tangible fluctuation in the market.The watchdog is now considering steps to tackle...

SEBI Wants More Indians To Be Investors; Plans To Translate Its Website In 13 Regional Languages

Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), the investor regulator apex body of the country has long term developmental plans for the India’s earning population.India’s mass population, especially in the rural & semi-urban regions, are still not extensively familiar with the English language, let alone investing & related processes. While educating them to understand & implement...
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Just Dial To Aim For India’s Largest Internet Company IPO

Just Dial is aiming to raise Rs. 360 Crores (@ US$ 68 Million) through Initial Public Offering (IPO).The company which offers India-specific business listings for a fee & offers them to inbound callers is a Mumbai-based one & is poised to release its IPO within 2 months. If the SAIF Partners backed company manages to successfully pull this off, it will be the biggest public issue by an...
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Kotak’s Mobile Stock Trading Solution Coming To iOS And Android Devices

Kotak’s Mobile Stock Trader application which was earlier available only on Symbian and Blackberry phones is now expanding its presence in the iOS and Android ecosystems. It will allow users to trade and view stock quotes on their mobile phones for free.SEBI (Security and Exchange Board of India) had approved mobile stock trading apps in August 2010. Now people can trade on-the-go through...
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Facebook And Twitter May Come Under SEBI Scanner For Market Probe

While Dalal Street is not particularly well known as a technology early adopter, where there is money involved, people are bound to find new ways to do things. Admittedly usage Facebook, Twitter and Blogs is not really an ‘early adopter only’ thing now. SEBI is not turning its eyes on ‘New Media’ suspecting that they are being used for foul play. According to an article in The...
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SEBI Regulations Push More Mutual Funds Online

For so much hoopla about online businesses and the advantages of going onto the web, it was VERY surprising that highly dynamic entities like stock markets and investment activities hadn’t taken to the internet earlier. We, recently, tracked the mobile trading proposal and implementation.Now, mutual funds are going online in a major way. The mutual fund industry came about for those who do not...
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SEBI Draft Model Holds Good – Allows Trading Through Mobile Phones

In 2009, the Securities and Exchange Board of India had issued a draft model to enable stock trading via mobile phones. According to this draft, brokers who offered internet-based trading services could offer their clients trading via wireless technology. It might have seemed a bit optimistic at the time but now SEBI has finally announced guidelines to allow trading via mobiles using the same protocols...
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Ybrant Plans For IPO – Lycos Aquisition To Increase Market Value?

Ybrant Digital, the company offering digital marketing solutions, is planning for an IPO in order to raise INR 700 crores in order to expand to Chinese and Brazilian markets. Ybrant also plans to buy a company in in-gaming advertising and a US-centric affiliate network. To make these acquisitions, Ybrant plans to make funds available through a pre-IPO round wherein they shall negotiate with existing...
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