Reliance Games Acquires Mobile Game Development Studios And Publishers In Japan And Korea

Reliance Big Entertainment has announced that its international mobile gaming setup, Reliance Games has acquired mobile game development studios and publishers in Japan and Korea. Such a step was taken to expand Reliance Games and take it into the heart of geographical locations which have some of the highest number of mobile game players. The Japanese and Korean  markets are strategic ones to get...
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Zapak And Turner Partner To Expand Cartoon Network’s Online Games

Turner India International has just announced an exclusive partnership with Zapak Digital Network Entertainment. The purpose behind the partnership is to market and distribute Cartoon Networks Multiplayer Online Games. This will include the launch of Ben10 and the new version of Toon Football.Apart from promoting the games on, it will provide support to Ben 10 Omniverse: Rise of the Heroes...
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Round Casting – The New Face Of Broadcasting; Amit Khanna, Chairman, Reliance Big Entertainment

Recently, at the CII conference on Digital Media, Amit Khanna, Chairman, Reliance Big Entertainment, introduced a new term “round casting”. We had a chat with Mr. Khanna regarding the same, and this is what he had to say to us. What is “Round Casting”? To begin with, it is not an existing term but rather just a term I coined. As we go forward in the digital world, the cloud...
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