Quikr Secures $90 Million From Swedish Investment Company Kinnevik

Quikr has raised funding worth $90 million from a group of investors led by Swedish investment firm Investment Kinnevik. The online and mobile classified portal will use the raised funds to expand its business. After the latest round of funding, Quikr is now valued at over $250 million.  This is Kinnevik’s first investment in India.Quikr had previously raised $32 million in a round led...
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Quikr Attempts To Standardize Pricing Of Pre–Owned Goods With Pricing Guide

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Rising Online Classified Marketplace Quikr.com has introduced Pricing Guide for pre–owned goods. Quikr.com Quikr, the platform that urges people to sell–off used products have come up with a unique proposition of standardizing pricing of such merchandise. The portal has released Maximum Sales Price (MSP) which is intended to help sellers reasonably price their used goods. On the other hand, MSP...
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Just Dial’s Stock Price Has Tripled In Six Months, Now Valued At $1.8 Billion

Just Dial Ltd., the company that operates online business directory by the same name has had its share price shoot up, making it the most valued Indian consumer tech venture.Just Dial, a pan-India telephonic & online classifieds assistance service has been making some good progress on the financial front. At Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), a share trading house, the company’s share price went...
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Just Dial Doubles Quarterly Profit And Plans To Connect Local Merchants With Customers Via Price Discovery Engine

Online–Cum–Telephone based Classifieds and Business Directory Services portal JustDial.com, run by Mumbai based company of the same name, has reported an astounding 98% jump in Net Profit for the 3rd Quarter ended September 30th2013. The company has shared multiple highlights of itself as well as viability of such a multi–platform approach.The finances of JustDial appear highly optimistic as...
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Quikr Scales Up And Now Its Non-Advertising Revenue Generation Techniques Outpace Ads

Online Ad and Crowd–sourced Classifieds Listing portal Quikr.com, operated by Mumbai-based Quikr India Pvt. Ltd., has now started to make serious inroads in the proactive business generation techniques.As per latest update from the company, Quikr.com is now making more than 50% of its revenue from Paid Services like Premium Listings for users as well as Lead Generation Services for businesses....
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Quikr Boasts Of 24 Million Users; 25% Of Them Mobile

Online classifieds portal Quikr appears to be have grown since it was rebranded. The site owned & operated by Quikr Mauritius Holding Pvt. Ltd currently claims to have upwards of 24 Million unique subscribers, out of which 6 Million are mobile-only users.Quikr propagates its image as a free classifieds web-portal. But then, how does it earn? Quikr works on three independent levels reveals Pranay...
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Exclusive Feature: India And The World Of Online Classified; 10 Questions Answered By Pranay Chulet, CEO, Quikr.com

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Couple of years ago, we had reported that Pranay Chulet was to be appointed the New CEO of Quikr.com.  That was in the year 2009 and zoom forward 2012, Quikr.com and Pranay have witnessed a phase of transition together.  We caught up with him to get some answers. Especially on the topic which is intriguing many: Has online classified ads finally made a mark in India?1. Has the trend of online...

Quikr.com Gets 8 Million $ In Funding From Nokia Growth Partners

It is reported that India’s horizontal classified player, Quikr (www.quikr.com) have completed a USD of 8 million round for Quikr Mauritius (holding company in Quikr India) led by new investors, Nokia Growth Partners (NGP). Quikr’s platform offers wide range of local classifieds from mobile to web based classified across 40 cities in the country. According to the report, every month Quikr...
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Funding Updates: Quikr – Norwest | Mumbai Angels – Onward Mobility

Funding news is coming thick and fast this week. Here are a couple of updates from the digital arena: Quikr raises 6 million from NVPQuikr – Free online classifieds portal has raised Series C funding of USD 6 million from Norwest Venture Partner s (NVP). Quikr hadraised Series B funding Rs. 200 million last year from Omidyar Network and Matrix Partners India. Till now, Quikr has raised more than...
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Recap 2009 – Local Search & Classifieds Space

This year we asked you the question, whether Indian search engines could ever tackle the Google threat? Statistically speaking the local search engines have hardly given Google a fight this year. And that’s pretty inevitable until we realize what the core business model of each of the various engines is. Search  alone as an activity is not confined to the online space in India. Hence, while...
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