Twitter Will Display Promoted Accounts in Search Results

Twitter has announced that it will add ‘Promoted Accounts’ to search results. The micro blogging site will show these to users in search results along with recommendations of people to follow. “We automatically select relevant search queries for presenting Promoted Accounts based on an advertiser’s targeting choices, so no additional action is required for your business to access...
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Twitter Ads Can Now Be Targeted Using User IDs And Email Address

Twitter has expanded its ad targeting by allowing advertisers to reach you through your Twitter ID or email address. This essentially means that brands can now find out who to send ads to on Twitter by using CRM audiences (email addresses) and Twitter IDs (usernames). The latest ad target update is an expansion to an ad product called Tailored Audiences launched by the micro blogging site last...
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Twitter Adds Broad Match To Keywords Ad Targeting

In a bid to strengthen its keywords ad targeting, Twitter had launched ’broad match for keyword targeting’. The feature will enable advertisers running keyword-targeted campaigns to reach users who are using synonyms and alternate spellings.“Twitter users have conversations about topics in a number of different ways, and the same intent can be expressed by using synonyms, different...
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Twitter’s Self-Serve Ads To Be Available Outside US

Twitter is planning to introduce small and medium-sized businesses outside United States of America (USA) to its concept of self-serve advertising.Soon, the micro-blogging platform will allow businesses in United Kingdom, Ireland and Canada, besides USA, to promote their products, services and brands across the social media via Promoted Tweets. Such promoted ads will be tailored to specific twitter...
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Twitter Partners Komli Media For Increasing Ad Sales In India

Twitter has tied up with Komli Media in a bid to ramp up its advertising sales in India. Indian Twitter users might come acros aggressive targeted advertising due to this partnership. As per the reports,  Komli Media will start selling ‘promoted products’ or advertising on Twitter in India. Komli will offer Twitter’s advertising features like Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts and Promoted...
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Twitter Starts Testing Cookie And Email Based Ad Targeting

In a bid to  personalize and strengthen ad targeting even further, Twitter is experimenting with new ad targeting options. The new method will allow advertisers to target users based on things they did off the service, like web browsing, as well as personal information like an email address.“Users won’t see more ads on Twitter, but they may see better ones”, wrote Kevin Well, Twitter...
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Twitter Rolls Out Keyword Targeting Ad Product
In a bid to further enhance its advertising business, Twitter has unveiled keyword targeting on the platform. The new tool will allow brands to advertise specifically to consumers based on the words they are tweeting. That means the content of your tweets will decide what kind of ads you will see on Twitter.Dubbed as ‘keyword targeting in timelines’ the new ad targeting mechanism is available...
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Twitter Gets Promoted Tweets To Mobile: Boon For Advertisers?

Twitter has been mulling for some time about monetization through its fledgling ad platform. They have begun taking concrete steps by introducing promoted tweets in  your web timelines along with promoted accounts and now they are bringing Promoted Tweets to your mobile.Twitter has announced a broader ad serving roll out which gives advertisers more options to use Twitter’s ad platform and...
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Facebook Introduces Ads In Their Mobile App: Risky Business?

Facebook turned around the whole social networking game when they introduced ads on the website. Over the years it has become a very profitable entity and at the same time has managed to keep its service absolutely free.There has been a lot of buzz lately about the Timeline for brands after their official announcement. All brand pages will be shifted to the new look in 30 days.The announcement...

Twitter To Introduce Promoted Tweets To Your Timeline

Microblogging site Twitter, realizing its increasing popularity and large user base has come up with one more way to monetize its service. Earlier brands could improve their reach by two methods: Promoted Trends, where their brand appeared on top of the list of current Trends in a certain locations, and Promoted Follow Recommendations where they appeared on the top of the list of Who To Follow’s. Now...
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