LinkedIn Furthers Monetization Via Mobile Advertising For InMail

LinkedIn has decided to further utilize its closed ecosystem mailing platform InMail for advertising.Late last week, the professional networking platform decided to insert Sponsored Content within its InMail mailing solution. The company intends to offer marketing agencies and professional organizations opportunities, to reach qualified individuals. Interestingly, the biggest impact of these marketing...
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The Top 10 Overused Profile Buzzwords Of 2013 According To LinkedIn [Infographic]

LinkedIn recently released the the top 10 overused buzzwords across profiles on the platform. One of the major changes from over the last two years is that the word ‘responsible’ has replaced ‘creative’ as the most overused buzzword on the LinkedIn Profiles. Other words on the list include ‘effective’, ‘analytical’, ‘driven’ and others.Buzzwords like these in a LinkedIn profile...
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LinkedIn Now Actively Pushing Sponsored Job Listing To Users’ Homepage

LinkedIn has now stepped up the visibility of Sponsored Job listings. These paid-for job listings will now be proactively suggested by pushing them into users’ LinkedIn feeds. Additionally, the listings will also be featured on the site’s personalized homepage. LinkedIn had introduced the concept of Sponsored Job Listings last year, wherein companies seeking candidates could pay for having their...
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LinkedIn Confirms The Growing Importance Of Social Networks In Recruitment

Social recruiting has been on the rise since the last 2 years. Hence LinkedIn decided to observe the phenomenon & has come up with some reassuring patterns that will surely influence candidates & employers. In the report titled ‘India Recruiting Trends Report 2013’ the ever refining portal was able to confirm that recruiters, candidates as well as employer brand development exercises were...
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23% Women Are Entrepreneurs And 77% Are Employed – Survey

ApnaCircle Survey - What Career Women  Want is a social media platform for professionals. Business, career and networking are the three pillars on which this social media site is built. In the recent past,, which was founded by Mr. Yogesh Bansal and which is now a Viadeo Group Company, revamped its user-interface to enable easy navigation.  It also launched a Blackberry app last year so as to woo the executive...
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There Are 200 Million Members On LinkedIn; Indians Among The Second Largest Community

The world’s prominent professional social networking web-portal LinkedIn has managed to cross a significant milestone. The total number of subscribers has crossed 200 Million, declared the company. With 18 Million members, India is second only to USA (74 Million) in terms of membership. The other countries with mention-worthy contribution are United Kingdom (11 million), Brazil (11 million) and...
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LinkedIn Introduces Custom API For B2B Marketing

LinkedIn has eased the way forward for businesses who intend to attract professionals and prospective clients in the Business-to-Business network. In a rather positive development, the company has introduced a custom API for management of ads and marketing campaigns on its site. Earlier, the service was open through the LinkedIn ads page, akin to the Google Adsense. The service was remotely similar...
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Accenture Tops The List Of Most-Aspired-To Company; Google Still Leads Globally: LinkedIn

LinkedIn, the professional social networking website, via its official blog has revealed the desire-factor of companies. The report, simply titled, ‘100 most in-demand employers’ clearly puts Google as the most sought-after company, the world-over. However, Indians interestingly prefer knowledge-based Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company Accenture. The world over, people’s top five aspired-to...
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LinkedIn Opens Its First Middle East Office In Dubai

LinkedIn has announced the opening of its first regional office in Middle East today according to a report on The Next Web. The growing number of professionals who have started using the social network in the Middle East has now mandated the establishment of a regional office. The office is located in Dubai, a part of the United Arab Emirates.According to a blogpost put up by an employee, LinkedIn...
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ApnaCircle Adds Company Pages To Its Service

Professional networking site, ApnaCircle has added a company page feature to the service which will now enable companies to highlight and share important news, products and career opportunities on the network. This feature has been long overdue and has already been deployed successfully by its more popular rival, LinkedIn. The new features are listed below.Overview Tab: This is the landing page for...
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