Indian Government Data Requests To Google Decline Slightly

Google has released an updated version of its regular Transparency Report in order to gives users an idea about the number of requests that it receives from Governments across the world with respect to user accounts and user data. User information requests have increased across the world by around 120% over the period of the last 4 years. USA is the top country when it comes to the number of data requests...
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Whatsapp Competitor Telegram Gains 35 Million Monthly Users

The mobile messaging segment has exploded! So many cross-platform mobile messengers have occupied the landscape, differentiation seems difficult at best. Facebook’s acquisition of Whatsapp for $19 billion is probably the biggest indicator of the peaks to which mobile messaging has reached. While it is an understatement to say that mobile internet based messengers have replaced SMS, these products...
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Whatsapp For Android Gets Much Needed Privacy Features

Whatsapp for Android is going to get a new update which gives it some critical privacy features. Whatsapp’s privacy settings on Android have been very rudimentary and anyone who had your mobile number in their phonebook could access your display pic, your status and the dreaded ‘last seen’ notification!The new build of the app lets you control these settings just like the iOS applications....
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Google Introduces ‘Good To Know’ Campaign In India for Internet Safety

With an aim to raise awareness about online safety, Google India has rolled out ‘Good To Know’ nationwide campaign. The campaign includes a series of online safety workshops that will reach out to schools, NGO’s, consumer and industry groups across the country. Google India has partnered with  Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) and Interest of Consumer Education (VOICE), a...
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Tim Berners-Lee Stresses The Need For A Decentralized Web

When Tim Berners-Lee sent the first packet of information between a server and a client in the late 80s, he may not have really understood the massive implication of what he was unleashing on the world. Over the years the Internet has rocketed ahead of its creator’s initial expectation in a huge way. These days, the Internet is plugged into everything – news, content, commerce and social connections....
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Delhi High Court Criticizes Government For Delay In Formulating Email Policy For Its Employees

With Data Privacy being taken very seriously, the Indian Judiciary rapped the Government for dragging their feet in formulating and implementing E–Mail Policy for Government Employees.The Delhi High Court, which routinely listens to arguments related to the Internet policy, issued a rather stern worded reprimand to the assembled delegation from the Government about the delay in implementation of...
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Twitter To Enable Relevant Ads With New Ad Product Called Tailored Audiences

Twitter has announced the general availability of their new ad product called Tailored Audiences. This has been in private beta for the last few months and has now been opened up to advertisers everywhere. Tailored Audiences is a way for advertisers and marketers to define their audience groups and get Twitter to show these customers relevant ads.The service involves data sharing between advertisers...
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Google Reveals uProxy And Project Shield To Counter Censorship And Cyber Attacks

attack map
Amid the growing distrust between people and technology companies who are allegedly in bed with surveillance agencies, Google has taken some steps to protect the privacy of people using the internet globally. This is especially relevant after Snowden revealed that Google was collaborating with the US Government to facilitate spying on its users. While Google specifically denies this charge, it seems...
0 comment Lets You Send Emails That Fade Away After Someone Reads Them

Many a times, you feel that keeping record of your emails may not be the best thing to do. This may be due to various factors such as privacy, be goofy, convey an ephemeral or a spontaneous emotion. Sadly, there are no out-of-the-box features that today’s email services which will let email auto-destruct. There is a constant record of the emails we send. There is no option where you can temporarily...
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Government Will Soon Ask Its Employees To Stop Using Gmail For Official Purposes

The Indian Government is expected to soon make an announcement asking its employees to stop using Public Email services like Gmail to send and receive official communication.Clearly intended to further bolster security of governmental and associated information, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology is soon expected to send out a formal communication, asking 5 Lakh Government...
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