India Ranks Second In Cyber Attacks On Mobile: Kaspersky Report

India is second in the list of countries that are facing a threat of cyber attacks on mobile devices, as per a report from Kaspersky. The attacks are in the form of phishing and stealing banking details from mobile devices. A recent Microsoft survey revealed that phishing attack affects 20% of Indians. The Russia based cyber-security solutions firm revealed that India with 7.9 per cent of attacks...
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99% Mobile Malware Targeted At Android Devices In 2013: Cisco Report

android malware
Android is not only the most popular mobile OS but also the most vulnerable in the world. According to a new report by Cisco, nearly 99 percent of all mobile malware targeted Android devices in 2013.In its annual security report, Cisco has revealed that Google’s mobile operating system, Android suffered 91% of all Java-based web exploits and 71% of all overall web-based exploits.  However, the...
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India’s Official Websites Facing Rising Threats from Hackers, What Happened To The Security Measures?

The Indian Government has been battling a rising threat from organized hacking cartels for the past few years. However, for the past few months, the quantum has increased to dangerous levels.As per a recent report, as many as 40 websites belonging to some important government departments were defaced. The hackers have even displayed their preference primarily towards those websites having ‘.in’...
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India’s Cyber Security Needs An Upgrade – ICERT

India’s cyber security is far from being perfect. ICERT is the organization responsible for efficient tackling of any emergency related to cyber space. The mission of ICERT is to enhance the security of India’s Communications and Information Infrastructure through proactive action and effective collaboration. Gulshan Rai, Director General of Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (ICERT) has...
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Google Transparency Report To Publish Malware And Phishing Data

Screenshot 2013-06-24 at 6.41.13 AM
Google is set to regularly publish Internet security data on malware and phishing scams that infect computers and steal consumer information. The report will be updated every week. The effort by the search engine is intended to highlight the number of viruses that are infecting Internet users’ computers, and in helping keep sites that host them accountable.Google defines the two types of unsafe...
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India Ranks Fourth Among Countries Targeted By Phishing Attack: EMC Report

India ranked fourth among countries targeted by phishing attacks and accounted for 8 % of the total phishing volume in April,says RSA, the security division of EMCndings in its May 2013 Fraud Report.  US topped the list of nations in terms of the total phishing attack volume, with a share of 46 %. The UK accounted for 11 percent of that volume while 48 other countries put together accounted for...
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Telugu Movie Brindavanam Being Used As Bait In Phishing Scam

Telugu movie Brindavanam is the latest Indian movie to be used phishers to dupe people into parting with their personal details. Symantec has informed us that phishers are now using the Brindavanam content (images and movie plot) to target gullible people.The thumbnail shows an image of a musical number and asks users to login to watch the video. After you put in the login information you are directed...
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Banks & Internet Companies Are Teaming Up Against Spam. Finally!

Spammers are the party-poopers when it comes to the Internet. Yes, the web helps us in discovering new information, connecting with other people and increasing our productivity. This has been going for a long time since the advent of the Internet but no one has come close to removing this threat and annoyance from the web in its entirety.Cyber Criminals always seem to be one step ahead.Even Google...
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Cyber Crime Is Becoming A Threat In India. A Major Cause For Concern?

India’s Internet users have shot up to 100 million and so has the risk of getting  attacked by Cyber crime. The world of Cyber crime is diverse and ranges from illegally accessing computers to phishing attacks with a lot of e-mail scams thrown in. Our burgeoning Internet population might be a good thing towards India’s growth towards becoming an Internet economy but this user-base is also a huge...
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India Number Two In Internet Spammers

There is always something about us Indians that makes the world take notice. Often, in the wrong sense. While you have some people appreciating the work we do, others are just plainly pissed off at hearing an Indian talking on the phone when they call customer support. There is some latest development that puts India in a bad light globally. While the internet penetration in India is low and total...
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