Opera Mini 8 for Blackberry & Java Updated With UI, Night Mode & More

Opera Software has beefed up Opera Mini browser for Java and Blackberry phones with an array of features. For starters, the browser features a flat, minimalistic design, as well as an improved Speed Dial start page. “Roughly half of our 250 million Opera Mini users are on basic phones, also called feature phones, and, today, their browser got even better,” said Christian Uribe, Product Manager,...
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Idea Cellular Integrates Opera’s Web Pass Offering

Last week, Opera announced that it was launching its web pass packages in addition to sponsored web passes in India. The company was in talks with Indian mobile operators so that they could provide their customers with easy data options. The web pass simplifies data plans considerably as it counts data in days(time) rather than MBs/GBs and is highly customizable.Idea Cellular, which is currently...
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Opera Launches Sponsored WebPass To Help Operators Onboard New Mobile Data Users

Sponsored Web Pass high-res
Opera Software has announced a way for mobile customers to surf the internet for free by using Opera’s Sponsored Webpass feature. However, a user’s operator has to enable a sponsored web pass in order for the customer to use it.Opera’s WebPass is a simple way for mobile operators across the world to package their data services in a way that customers can understand. For example, a lot of new...
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Opera Max Android App Exits Beta, Opens Pre-Registration for Users

Opera Software makes popular browsers for desktop as well as mobile. Their mobile browsers are very popular due to their ability compress data. The company introduced Opera Turbo as a new feature in Opera 10 back in 2009. The feature enabled you to compress web traffic to speed up web browsing. Last year, the company announced Opera Max which reduces your data consumption of not only browsers but...
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Opera Mobile Store Crosses 100 Million Users

Opera’s Mobile Store is doing quite well give the company’s announcement that it has crossed 100 million users across the world. To be specific, the store had 105 million monthly visitors in the final quarter of 2013. This represents a 230% annual growth, which is quite a bit when you realize the competitive segment that app stores fall under.Opera mobile appstore which is accessible via its...
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Android Leads In Ad Impressions, iOS In Ad Revenue: Opera

Mobile advertising company Opera Mediaworks has released its latest report on the state of mobile advertising, which measured mobile phone ad impressions for Q4 2013.  The report states that Android generates more mobile ad traffic for smartphones than does the iPhone. Android smartphones grabbed 35.9% of mobile ad traffic in Q4, compared with iPhone’s 28.7%, said the report.That’s a...
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Google Brings 50% Data Compression To Chrome For iOS And Android

With an aim to reduce data costs on mobile, Google has launched the data compression feature on Chrome for iOS and Android. In order to avail the service users will have select the “Reduce data usage” section in the Bandwidth Management section  under Settings Menu. After enabling this setting, users will also be able to track the amount of data they are saving each month. Data compression...
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Chrome Has A Good Lead Over Other Browsers: Report

According to a report released by sharing analytics company Shareaholic, Google’s web browsing products have been putting on a increasing lead compared to other browsers in the ecosystem. The report has tracked 250 million users and their browser data across 200,000 publishers. The numbers that emerge point to a market leading position for Chrome along with decline for IE, Firefox and others over...

Opera Debuts iPad Only Web Browser Coast

Opera Software has unleashed Coast, a iPad only web browser in order to tap the hot tablet market. The Coast app which runs only on Apple’s iPad is being described by Opera as “the browser that should have come with the iPad“.“Websites and apps today invite you to interact in new ways, but browser design for tablets has not pushed to liberate itself from the influence it has experienced...
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China’s UC Browser Outpaces Opera To Become No.1 Mobile Web Browser In India

Earlier this week, China’s WeChat recorded 100 million registered users. Now, another Chinese company UCWeb maker of China’s most popular mobile browser, has been quietly making progress in India. The company has announced that it has now surpassed Opera to take the No. 1 spot in India’s mobile browser space, with its UC Browser claiming a 29.9 percent share of the market, according to StatCounter’s...
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