Idea Cellular Integrates Opera’s Web Pass Offering

Last week, Opera announced that it was launching its web pass packages in addition to sponsored web passes in India. The company was in talks with Indian mobile operators so that they could provide their customers with easy data options. The web pass simplifies data plans considerably as it counts data in days(time) rather than MBs/GBs and is highly customizable.Idea Cellular, which is currently...
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Opera Debuts iPad Only Web Browser Coast

Opera Software has unleashed Coast, a iPad only web browser in order to tap the hot tablet market. The Coast app which runs only on Apple’s iPad is being described by Opera as “the browser that should have come with the iPad“.“Websites and apps today invite you to interact in new ways, but browser design for tablets has not pushed to liberate itself from the influence it has experienced...
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Opera Releases New Version Of Opera Mini Designed For Basic Phones

After making significant changes to the next version of Opera, the company has announced the availability of a newer version of the Opera Mini for basic phones. The browser’s version is now 4.5 and Opera has announced new features for it. Primary among them seems to be the new, refreshed look of the browser.This version of the Mini introduces a download manager  which helps you be in charge of...
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Tata Docomo Inks Deal With Opera Software To Offer Co-branded Version Of Opera Mini

Telecom Operator Tata Docomo has joined hands with Opera Software to offer a co-branded Opera Mini mobile browser to its users in India. Tata Docomo customers will be able to download this co-branded version of Opera Mini on their devices from Since Opera Mini is known the world over for its data compression technology which results in 90% decrease in data size, it will be quite useful...
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Opera For Android Comes Out Of Beta

The new version of the Opera Mobile browser for Android has shed its beta tag and is now available for free download on Google Play. This version of the browser marks an important development. Opera has now switched its rendering engine from its proprietary Presto to the open source Webkit, which also powers Chrome and Safari.   The new browser has a lot of improvements. The entire user interface...
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Opera Ties Up With 7 Indian Android OEMs To Pre-install Opera Mini On Their Devices

In a bid to increase their user base and thus get people to use the mobile Internet for cheaper prices, Opera Mobile has announced a partnership with 7 Indian OEMS who deal primarily in low and medium priced Android devices. The partnership will see Opera Mini being installed by default on Android phones by Celkon, Karbonn, Lava, Intex and selected devices by Fly and Zen. HCL ME tablets will also get...
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Opera’s Special Report For Android Users In India Throws Up Some Good Insights

The adoption of Android in the country has been quite impressive. This has been so due to a number of factors like affordability, the openness to install it anywhere and the new features that Google has released with recent iterations of the OS. Opera Mobile has announced the release of a report which looks into the browsing behavior of Opera Mini users on Android devices in India.Opera says that...
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Hands On With Opera’s New Webkit Sporting Browser For Android

Opera made an important announcement last month saying that it would be abandoning its Presto engine in favor of the popular Webkit engine. There seemed to be many reasons for this but the primary one was that Opera would rather commit itself to developing the open source webkit and improve the web experience for the better than stick to their proprietary rendering engine. The company said that the...
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Airtel & Opera Make It Easier To Get Mobile Internet With ‘Web Pass’

Opera business solutions  Opera Web Pass
Airtel, in association with Opera Software has come-up with a simpler technique for its subscribers to avail mobile internet. Called ‘Web Pass’, the method has been built within the core of Opera’s unique low-resource web-browser ‘Opera Mini’. Targeting users who wish to avail internet on their mobile phones but aren’t aware of the procedures, Web Pass is a minimalist approach that ensures...
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Opera Report Says That Mobile Web Is Driving E-commerce In India

opera mini
India is the number one country when it comes to Opera Mini usage, according to the State of the Mobile Web report released by Opera. This report is for the month of September and looks closely at what Indian Opera Mini users are searching and browsing on the mobile web. Opera maintains that the data has been anonymised. Opera Mini allows for high data compression which is done over Opera’s servers...