BlackPhone Developed To Ensure Mobile Communications Are Protected Against Spying By Governments

Coming to the aide of Privacy Paranoid users, a new smartphone; Blackphone has been developed.Jointly developed by US-based company Silent Circle and Spanish handset maker Geeksphone, the Blackphone is a modern day answer to the various and alarmingly sophisticated methods routinely employed to monitor conversations, shared Phil Zimmermann, President of Silent Circle and Co-Founder of the Blackphone...
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Home Affairs Being Coaxed Into Framing Standard Operating Procedures For Internet Monitoring

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) is being coaxed into establishing certain protocols while using the Central Internet Monitoring System (CIMS).Multiple Security Agencies today are dealing with equally varied forms of internet surveillance and other forms of monitoring platforms that have high potency and are very powerful too. Hence these agencies feel that the law enforcement agencies should follow...
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Step Aside PRISM, Here Comes Made-In-India Netra

Apparently not content with Central Monitoring System (CMS) and clearly competing with USA’s PRISM, India’s Defense Ministry is gearing up to launch ‘Netra’.Was CMS insufficient? CMS was rolled out earlier this year to monitor all phone and internet communications in the country. It was initially designed with an aim of keeping track of any electronic communication in real time. CMS has the...
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Indian Government Surprised Over Alleged US’ Global Data Capture Efforts

Following the uproar over alleged secret efforts by the United States of America (USA) to collate & sift through data of global netizens, the Indian Government appears to have initiated a formal approach to seek more information.Why is India concerned? Evidently, Indian Government too is not without its own agenda when it comes to keeping a close watch on internet activity. It had recently initiated...
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An IIIT Delhi Research Group Looks At The Perception Of Privacy In India; Gets Interesting Results

The advent of the Internet as the go-to place for e-commerce, social networking, professional work etc. has resulted is people sharing a lot of personal information online willingly or unwittingly. As a rule, most of the savvy Internet users have a decent knowledge of the privacy issues on the Internet. Most of the people who have jumped onto the Internet since the increase in its accessibility are...
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The Idiot Box Could Get Smart Online

Not long ago , T.V channels were moving onto online path for promotion for their new up coming sitcoms asking for feedback episodes.It was reported recently, First Hindi movie being premiered online globally. The online premier was mostly in favour of NRI’s as it is expensive for them to catch movies overseas. Some television soaps were also premiered online gaining popularity. Many TV channels...
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Will You Change Your ‘Google’ Name For Online Privacy?

Many of us have done things in our teenage years that we might not particularly be proud of, but back then we believed it to be the funniest thing possible and uploaded it or spoke about it on various  social networking websites. However, once working life starts, we would rather have our employers not find such material from our past. Already grappling with the privacy issues in the social networking...
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Togetherville: A Safe Social Networking Site For Kids

Kids, who are considered legally too young under the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act to join Facebook, now have a reason to be excited with the launch of Togetherville – a site that is specifically designed to suit the social networking needs of children. The site not just serves as a digital babysitter, but also offers a chance for kids to connect with their existing friends and also...
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Is Privacy Over Rated In Today’s Times?

Are you seriously concerned about privacy on facebook, or you don’t give a damn? Even if you do care, were u one of the 33642 people who pledged to quit facebook on 31st May? Probably not.Yesterday was quit facebook day, where people committed to delete their facebook accounts. This miniscule population comprises about 0.007% of the total 450 million users of the popular social networking site....

Impact Of Facebook Feature Changes & India Tie Ups

According to Facebook, Public will be the New Private. Goodbye Privacy, Social will now be the default status of the Internet as dominated by Facebook. At the F8 conference, Facebook released stats of their growth. More importantly, they released tidbits of information which revolutionize the way the 400 million users of Facebook use the Internet.Mark Zuckerburg outlined his ambitions on how the...
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