Indians Lead The Online Content Sharing Scenario: Ipsos Study

India slipped from 112th to 114th in terms of average internet speed this year as compared to last year but there is another trend that offsets this fact; Indians are among the people in the world who share the most content on the internet, both in volume and variety. The survey conducted by Ipsos iterates that nine out of 10 Indians that go online and carry out transactions in one form or another.The...
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DGM India Launches Video And Content Ad Network dgStream

Performance marketing network DGM India has announced the launch of  video and content ad network platform dgStream which will operate as a Video Supply Side Platform (SSP). The platform which is expected to reach and monetize relevant audience across 10,000+ websites would run on DGM’s proprietary technology to deliver video ads along with relevant video content.Speaking on the launch, Anurag...
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The New ‘My Airtel’ Application Gives You Wireless Control Of Your Airtel Services

Airtel is the largest Mobile Operator in India. Given that India is one of the largest markets in the world, this is quite a huge title to wear. Aside from Mobile Telephony, they also offer DTH TV, Fixed Line and Mobile Broadband services. What would be the logical step to do to bring convenience to your customers? Offer a way to easily mange all these services, no matter where you are. This is exactly...
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More Viewers Now Watching Online Content On Smartphones and TV

Watching content online is no longer restricted to the desktop and laptop. More viewers are inclined towards watching the same on their smartphones and television. A latest study conducted by market researcher NPD DisplaySearch reveals that while laptops and desktops remain the primary content watching mediums, smartphones and television are becoming preferred choices with 18% consumers accessing...
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Airtel Wants Internet Companies To Share Revenue With Carriers

Bharti Airtel, a leading telecom player in India has expressed the desire that Internet companies should share their revenue with the telecom operators.Social media companies like Facebook, Twitter & search engine companies like Google & Yahoo owe their growing proliferation to mobile phones. In fact Airtel’s data consumption pattern reflects that almost 40% of it is being consumed to access...

BigFlix Brings Tom Hank’s Animated Series, Electric City To India

BigFlix,the movie streaming service from Reliance Entertainment has brought Tom Hank’s maiden animated series, Electric City to India. The series has a total running time of 90 mins and is divided into 20 short episodes.  The series has been produced in partnership with Playtone and Reliance Entertainment. It has been created by Tom Hanks and  produced by Gary Goetzman and Amitabh Jhunjhunwala,...
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Vdopia Takes Charge Of Metacafe’s Online Video And Media Advertising In India

Metacafe, video entertainment engine have partnered with Vdopia to connect leading brand advertisers with it’s audiences.  Metacafe’s have 46 million users worldwide with 5 million active users from India. As a result of this tie-up Vdopia is said to take charge of Metacafe’s online video and media inventory in India.  Metacafe showcases movies and video, video games, sports, ...
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Digital Media Appeals To Gen Y

What makes for an effective ad campaign? The stickiness factor, the viral nature and the increase in sales that it generates. All these things were difficult to achieve with the traditional newspaper, radio and TV ads but times have changed and so has the medium. With increased number of people resorting to searching for content online, digital media has joined the ranks of effective ad campaigns....
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The Future Of Content Monetization In India – Pay Per Piece Of Content?

How to monetize content especially on the web has been the bane of the digital media industry since its inception. Content may be king when it comes to attracting traffic but it certainly isn’t king yet in India when it comes to raking in the moolah on the online space. There has always been a ensuing debate on whether or not one should charge for content. Ive has several discussions with Industry...

Amar Chitra Katha : Round 2

 Amar Chitrakatha was the premier comics brand in India. My parents always talked about how they have grown up on Amar Chitra Katha. Though I saw a few copies, I wish I had seen the time when everyone read, owned and exchanged Amar Chitrakatha.   Somehow, the guys missed the bus. Earlier, it seemed they missed to become the Marvel or DC Comics of India. And now, looking at all the animation...
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