Twitter Decides To Shutter Its Twitter Music Service

Micro–blogging network Twitter has announced that it will shutter its Music App.Twitter has confirmed that its Music App #Music has been taken down from Apple’s App Store and the users have until April 18th to cease its usage. The platform has cited lack of adequate engagement as the primary reason to pull the plug. Launched last year #Music was a product that was born out of the acquisition...
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Samsung Forays Into Internet Radio With ‘Milk Music’ For Galaxy Devices

Samsung has entered the already crowded music streaming market with its own music app. Dubbed as ‘Milk Music’, the free internet radio service is only available for Samsung Galaxy devices. Milk offers access to some 200 genre-based stations and 13 million songs, as well as the ability to launch custom stations based on artists or songs. Powered by Slacker Radio Streaming Service, the...
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Apple’s CarPlay Lets You Access Your iPhone Content In Your Car

It official! Apple is bringing its popular  mobile voice assistant Siri to your car. Originally announced at Apple’s WWDC conference in 2013, CarPlay lets drivers access their iPhone content and maps from the car’s entertainment system. Unveiled at an auto show in Geneva, Switzerland, the hands free service will enable users to make calls,  listen to voicemails, read out messages and responding...
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Music Streaming Service Dhingana Shuts Down

Dhingana, the music streaming service for Indian music has shut down. The website has been replaced by this landing page.The company was founded by brothers Snehal and Swapnil Shinde along with Sushil Choudhari. Before this, they were working at Yahoo, Symantec and Microsoft respectively. Over the years that the company functioned, they had a lot of great moments. Soon after Spotify plugged their...
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Yahoo Updates Aviate With ‘Listening Space’ Music Feature

Yahoo has added a new feature to the Android launcher Aviate it acquired last month. Listening Space is a feature will recognize when your headphones or earbuds are plugged in and will combine all of your downloaded music apps to play your favorite tunes.The intelligent home screen app will show different music apps on your phone as soon as you plug headphones. If you don’t have many music...
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Amazon India Rolls Out Stores for Music, Video Games and Luggage

Amazon India has expanded its online store by adding three new categories to its existing offerings. The Indian online store now gets stores for music, video games and luggage. With the addition of these stores, Amazon claims to deal in products from a total of 18 categories. ”We are very pleased to offer our customers the largest selection of products in the country in all of the three categories...
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Winamp Acquired By Radionomy

We reported in November last year that, Winamp is shutting down by December 20 after a successful stint of 15 years. But, there has been change of plans and the digital audio player is now being acquired by the Belgium based online radio service Radionomy. The financial details of the deal are not disclosed yet and there is no official word from the company. Also, the domain continues to...
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Yahoo Acquires Mobile Video App Ptch

Another day, another Yahoo acquisition. This time the company is going for a video startup. Yahoo has scooped up Ptch, the DreamWorks animation-incubated mobile video start-up. Available on only iPhone, the app allows users create montage videos out of clips and photos. “Today, we’re excited to announce that Ptch will be joining Yahoo! As part of the Yahoo team, we’ll be able to focus...
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Google Play Music Lands On Google Glass

google glass play
Google Glass has finally received its official Google Play Music app. The company had announced last month that the Google Glass will soon receive the app. The Google Play Music app will enable users to stream music through the wearable gadget. Glass engineer Stephen Lau announced the official release of the app via his Google+ post.Users can access music by simply calling out ‘Ok, Glass,...
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Winamp To Say Last Goodbye After A 15 Year Stint

Do you remember the pre tablet and smartphone era when you had a PC and listened to MP3 songs on it? If you can, you will surely remember that listening to your favorite music in late 90′s was done on Winamp. The once-ubiquitous digital audio player is bidding adieu after a 15 year long stint.Referred to as one of the oldest and most reliable software, Winamp will shut down on December 20 this...