YouTube Updates Android App With Refreshed UI, Multitasking And More

YouTube for Android has been updated with several new features that makes the app fast and powerful. The latest 5.0 updates brings card faced interface which was first favored by Google Now. Users can open the guide from anywhere in the app if they want to quickly view their subscriptions and feeds. However, one of the best feature the latest YouTube update get is in-app multitasking. This means that you...
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Blackberry Playbook – First Impressions

So the playbook has arrived in India and we got our hands on it. The 7 inch device easily fits in one hand and hence makes it easy to carry around. On booting up the device for the first time we were prompted download an update to the OS and enter our blackberry id. The interface that greets the user upon launch is very similar to the latest blackberry phone OS.  We would skip listing the specs and...

Apple’s Much Awaited iOS 4.2 Update

Apple announced the much awaited iOS 4.2 update for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. iOS 4.2 is the latest version for one of the most advanced mobile operating system. Availability The iOS 4.2.1 update is already available to download to iPad, iPhone and iPod touch by syncing the device with iTunes 10.1. iOS 4.2 is compatible with iPad, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, second and third generation iPod...
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