Exclusive Feature: Interview With Mr. Jai Maroo, Director of Shemaroo Entertainment Ltd

The entertainment business in India and abroad has been consistently hit by rampant piracy. This makes it difficult for movie and music companies to sustain the costs associated with making a movie or a music album. Where do they go now? No matter what, innovation can never be stopped. This piracy which was the bane of all entertainment companies has now shown us a way to sell and market movies in...
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Youtube Will Host 1500 Indian Movies. But Will Anyone Watch?

In the month of June , it was reported that Youtube was offering free streaming of Bollywood movies on its ‘Youtube Box Office‘, and these offering were made global and not just limited in the country. Soon after the introduction of Youtube Box Office, Yahoo! India brought out MoviePlex where one could watch free online movies directly on your computer screen. Few days back, Youtube announced...
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Yahoo Plans To Upgrade; Will Focus On Advanced Search & Mobiles In India

Yahoo is all set to implement a road map that aims at improving its service in India and snatching away market share from rivals. Yahoo has struggled to gain foothold in the country after losing out to Google and Microsoft. Not many people use Yahoo services, but Yahoo India is ready to change all that by introducing a plethora of new features. Just yesterday we reported that Yahoo unveiled the Flicker...
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Yahoo Perfecting New Content Strategy And D-Link Is There To Help

Yahoo is taking a step towards providing users with more multimedia content in hopes of winning a bigger chunk easy-media consuming users online, in India. Two latest developments have been reported.Curate video content and provide free video streaming on the site A collaboration with D-LinkCurating Video Content Just a few weeks back, Yahoo had a catalogue of Hindi cinema called MoviePlex. The...
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MoviePlex Launched A Challenger For Youtube Box Office

We recently blogged that in our country only two things can draw attention; Movie and Cricket. After showcasing Youtube Box Office, Yahoo! India have set in motion the new premium video destination called MoviePlex. With the help of this service one can watch free online movies directly on your computer screen.With over 30 million active internet users viewing 1.7 billion videos every month, MoviePlex...
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