Networkplay Will Monetize Affinity’s Multimedia Inventory With In-Banner Advertising Deal

Digital advertising and brand communication agency Networkplay and contextual ad network,, have announced a multi-year partnership to skillfully monetize the latter’s video inventory with contextually targeted in-banner video ad.The timely realization of the fact that mobile technology and video are the two most prominent and promising segments at the present, has led to this agreement,...
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Mobile TV Viewership Up By 400% As Data User Base Doubled; Consumption Tripled: Airtel

The country’s largest telecom, Bharti Airtel has been witnessing amazing growth in the mobile television segment. The adoption patterns clearly suggest the affiliation mobile users & television content consumers are exhibiting towards consumption of TV content via mobiles.The telecom company conducted its routine annual study regarding, user patterns & service usage & came to the conclusion...
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Over 40% of Indians Now Have Their Own Biometrically Verified Identity: UIDAI

The pan-India Identity Verification project, innovatively named Aadhaar has apparently surpassed the 500 Million mark.Aadhaar Card.. Aam Aadmi Ke Pechaan, an ambitious project to cover the entire Indian Population of more than 1.12 Billion, has managed to gain as well as sustain a very healthy momentum. According to the agency responsible in orchestrating the entire project; Unique Identification...
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Asia To Have Half The World’s LTE Connections Within 3 Years: GSMA Study

The Asian continent, comprising largely of India and China will soon house about half of the world’s mobile population wielding the ultra-high speed mobile broadband; 4th Generation or 4G LTE.As both the countries and more importantly the telecom companies therein, are readying their networks to deploy 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution), customers who sign-up for the same, could comprise about 47% of...
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BlackBerry Gives In To Government Insistence About Data Monitoring

The military grade encryption, once proudly boasted by BlackBerry appears to have been compromised, albeit lawfully, revealed a document from the state’s Department of Telecommunications. The official wordings were, ‘The lawful interception system for Blackberry Services is ready for use’.If this information holds sufficient validity, then it is indeed a somewhat gloomy ending to the strong...
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Smartphones Sell Briskly With The Segment Registering 167% Growth

Indian mobile phone users have been lately flooded with a huge variety of smartphones. Hence it’s no wonder that the segment is experiencing significant sales activity. As chronicled by market research firm Cyber Media Research (CMR), during the first quarter of 2013 alone, almost 10 Million smartphones were shipped within the country. As compared to same period last year, this is an astonishing...
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6 Mistakes You Could Be Making In Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing in the next big thing. Mobile has changed the landscape of consumerism in a few short years by becoming our favorite tool for reading the news, watching television, communicating, socializing, shopping, navigating…for just about everything! As a marketer, mobile is a very powerful place for you to connect with your audience. However, with great power comes great responsibility....
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Aadhar Targets 40 Crore IDs After Receiving Rs. 3436 Crores For Fourth Phase

The ambitious Pan-India Unique Identification System, more commonly known as Aadhar, will soon begin with renewed vigor. Thanks to a healthy fund infusion of Rs. 3436 Crores (US$ 630 Million), the Fourth Phase of the enrollment will soon be initiated.Why is Aadhar taking so long? India’s population is currently pegged at 1.2 Billion Citizens. Not to mention, Indian Territory spreads across 3.2...
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Delhi’s ISBT To Be Wi-Fi Enabled

O2 Wi-Fi
The Maharana Pratap Inter-Sate Bus terminus (ISBT) will now be enabled by high-speed free Wi-Fi connectivity. The terminus, which operates bus services from Delhi and seven other neighbouring states will get free secured Wi-fi facility from Internet Service Provider Tikona Digital Networks. Commuters at the terminus can browse Internet for free with their laptops, smartphones or tablets for the first...

Mozilla OS Based Handsets Not Coming To India In 2013

Mozilla’s new mobile operating system Mozilla OS is not coming to India, at least not in 2013. The Mozilla OS has been touted as the challenger to Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS operating systems. It has been positioned as the platform that will take more than two billion people on the planet online on smartphones. Plus, what’s surprising is that India has more than 860 million...
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