Twitter Announces New Profile Page Design

After its public debut on the stock market, the company has been thinking about some big changes, in order to compete with Facebook. Here are some of their recent efforts:1. Acquisition of Second Sync and Mesagraph to strengthen Social TV offerings. 2. Proposed launch of Ad product for app makers. 3. Photo tagging  and multiple  photos on iOS and Android apps. 4. Experiments with removing @replies. 5....

Twitter Experimenting With Removing @Replies

@Replies are an integral part of the Twitter experience. In fact appending @ before a name or username has been picked up by many newer platforms and services. However, according to a report by Buzzfeed, Twitter might be experimenting with removing the @ symbol from its replies.According to Vivian Schiller, who is Twitter’s Head of News the @ reply may be removed from the service because the company...
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Twitter Has Launched A Custom Timeline Feature Which Shows Curated Tweets

custom timeline
While Twitter is a continuously updating the medium of real-time communication, it is easy for users to lose track of important tweets about some topics that they want to follow due to the firehose of updates. One way of controlling this is to carefully select who you want to follow but this approach does not work so well, especially if you are following a lot of people. Another way is to use hashtags...
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Twitter Is Slowly Metamorphosing Into A Media Platform; Reportedly In Talks With Viacom and NBCUniversal

The fact that Twitter would ultimately evolve to become a media platform may have been anyone’s guess but how exactly the social network was going about it was not exactly clear. However, the developments at Twitter in the last few months have made the picture much more simpler.In the past few months, Twitter has implemented Twitter cards, expanded tweets, refined its mobile offerings, boosted...
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8 Essential Tips To Help Your Brand Push Past The 100 Followers Twitter Rut

Twitter Rut
Twitter can be a very cryptic social media tool for brands that are new to it. If you are a newborn brand in the world of Twitter, it is very likely that you’ve tried to Google what can be done to increase your followers and how to manage your Twitter account effectively. There is no doubt a plethora of information available that will help you go from crawling to baby steps and give your brand the...
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Twitter To Hit The US Stock Market With $15 Billion IPO By Early 2014

TWITTER-IPO-2013 (2)
Twitter, popular micro-blogging site with 200 million users globally is likely to enter the US stock market by the first quarter of 2014 with $15 billion public offering. “Twitter Inc plans to file for an IPO as early as the 4th quarter of 2013, and plans to go public in the 1st quarter of 2014,” said US-based PrivCo, a provider of business and financial research on big privately-held...
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Twitter Crosses 200 Million User Milestone

Twitter announced yesterday that it has crossed the 200 million active user milestone. This means that the service sees that number of active users on a monthly basis. That’s quite a good bit of growth for the microblogging platform since they last announced that they had 140 million users in March.Oddly enough, besides a tweet informing people about the milestone, Twitter has not provided any...
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Twitter To Soon Allow You To Archive Your All Tweets

In the past few months, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo repeatedly said that the social media behemoth would make the download-all-tweets option available for users this year. And he seems to have stuck to his word. On Sunday, some users noticed the ‘Your Twitter Archive’ option in their Twitter settings which enabled them to download all their tweets. To put it plainly, Twitter has begun to roll-out...
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Twitter Gets Image Filters Of Its Own; Poor Attempt To Rival Instagram

The Twitter and Instagram rivalry is heating up. Last week Instagram pulled out Twitter card support so that its users could get onto the Instagram web and mobile experience rather than give that advantage over to Twitter.  Now, Twitter’s mobile apps for Android and iOS have got an update which gets Instagram like filters to the micro-blogging service.Twitter announced the new filter functionality...
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Twitter Partners With Komli Media To Launch Advertising Sales In South East Asia

Komli Media has announced an exclusive partnership with microblogging giant Twitter in order to sell Twitter’s advertising inventory in South East Asia. Komli will have exclusive rights to sell Twitter’s advertising products from the ‘Promoted Products’ category. The partnership will be operational in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.This move shows Twitter’s focus on earning...
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