Facebook Founder ZuckerBerg Puts Up 2.3Bn Worth Shares, While His Company Pumps In 70 Mn. Worth

Mark Zuckerberg
Facebook Inc. Founder & current CEO Mark Zuckerberg has decided to put up 41.4 Million of his own personal shares for sale, to cover a substantial tax bill. Meanwhile the company will pump in additional 70 Million Shares into the stock market. Zuckerberg, who currently has a voting power of 58.8%, will reduce slightly to 56.1% owing to the sale of the shares, but it will gain him US$ 2.3 Billion...
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Mark Zuckerberg’s FB Wall Hacked To Prove Vulnerability

A Palestinian ethical hacker resorted to commenting on Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s Wall to prove that a specific vulnerability existed. He claims to have submitted proof of the existence of the vulnerability prior to this, only to have it ignored. White Hat Hacker Khalil Shreateh, a Palestinian national successfully exploited a bug within Facebook’s system to comment on Mark Zuckerberg’s...
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Facebook Is Experimenting To Be A Mobile Games Publisher

Previously, we have witnessed several acquisitions in the social gaming space. These types of specific developments emphasize how mobile unquestionably is the future of social gaming, which is along the lines for all web services. Slowly and steadily as social gaming marks its presence to mobile phones, Facebook is planning to work on this aspect by experimenting to becoming a Mobile Games Publisher.According...
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Facebook’s Revenues Increase With The Increased Adoption Of Mobiles

Mr. Zuckerberg has long been focused on finding ways of making Facebook more lucrative. Since the IPO launch and its subsequent failure, Facebook has tried and tested multiple revenue generating schemes. On one hand, Facebook introduced Online Gifting (US only) and thus forayed into the e-commerce space. They even launched gifting of iTunes credit to lure music lovers and Apple addicts. In a move that...
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Facebook’s Graph Search Is A Compelling Offering

After much speculation on the web about Facebook’s big announcement, it has emerged that the social networking giant has been working on ‘Search’, something that it has lacked sorely in spite of its growth and rise as the biggest social medium in the world. Industry watchers looking for a Facebook phone would have been heavily disappointed and I think Facebook will not pursue the phone idea just...
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When David Takes On Goliath And Wins; SnapChat More Popular Than Facebook Poke

When Facebook Poke released, apparently within 12 days of it being “ideated” and with Mark Zuckerberg contributing to its code, attention was drawn to the reason behind the launch. The reason was not because the Gods of Innovation showered love on Mr. Zuckerberg or Facebook’s desire to do something that would excite consumers about its service; it was in fact another well-performing app SnapChat.To...
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Facebook Pauses Placing Mobile Ads In Apps; May Charge For Messages

Facebook sure is desperate to monetize its business. It only recently announced the launch of auto-play video ads that will appear in the news feed. Earlier in April, it launched Facebook Offers in a bid to help brands connect with consumers and earn revenue via sponsored ads. Now, Facebook has announced that it will start charging for messages.First, let’s understand how the revamped Facebook...
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Facebook Introduces Gifting Of iTunes Credit

In September, Facebook launched Online Gifting. The decision to enter the e-commerce space was taken because Facebook is looking at different ways, apart from advertising, to generate revenue. Taking the gifting experience one step ahead, Facebook will now allow users to gift iTunes digital credit. A Facebook statement said, “Starting today with Facebook Gifts, you can instantly gift your friends...
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Facebook Timeline Layout May Change Again; Facebook Is Testing A Modified One With Limited Users

Anything that Facebook does is headline news material; be it the launch of their IPO or changes in their timeline format. The fact that Facebook has 1 billion users means that everyone who is logged in has an opinion on how Facebook looks, what it should look like, how it should function and so on.The last time Facebook made changes to its TL, the uproar was deafening. People were not happy with...
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Airtime, A New Way To Engage With People On The Web.

Most people who use social media are connected to each other by way Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. All of these platforms offer communication with friends and connections primarily through an exchange of ‘text, videos and images’. There have been concerns that increasing dependency on social media platforms will forever alter the way we communicate with each other. This is...
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