Bolstering Enterprise Cyber–Security Could Cost More Than $ 500 Billion This Year: IDC

Corporate organizations and companies around the world are expected to shell out more than US$ 500 Billion to counter cyber–security issues.International Data Corporation (IDC), in association with National University of Singapore (NUS) recently conducted a Joint Study titled ‘The Link Between Pirated Software and Cybersecurity Breaches’ and concluded that enterprises around the world will...
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99% Mobile Malware Targeted At Android Devices In 2013: Cisco Report

android malware
Android is not only the most popular mobile OS but also the most vulnerable in the world. According to a new report by Cisco, nearly 99 percent of all mobile malware targeted Android devices in 2013.In its annual security report, Cisco has revealed that Google’s mobile operating system, Android suffered 91% of all Java-based web exploits and 71% of all overall web-based exploits.  However, the...
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BitCoin Malware Turning Computer Systems Into Zombie Miners

Computers across the world now have to deal with a new kind of virus that could make them a Zombie BitCoin Miner.The BitCoin Mining Malware has been spreading very rapidly and security experts have identified its growth pattern to be alarmingly high among Computers in the Asia Pacific regions. So far, about 12,000 computers across the globe have been confirmed to have been affected by the virus. What...
0 comment Visitors From Europe Hit By Malware Attack

Users who have visited over last few days have been affected by a malware attack. Visitors to pages with malicious ads were redirected to sites armed with code that exploits vulnerabilities in Java and installs a variety of different malware. It’s worth noting that victims didn’t have to click on the malicious ads in order to have their devices infected with malware.Fox IT, an internet...
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Google Will Block Local Chrome Extensions On Windows From January

After realizing that it cannot control malicious Chrome extensions on the Windows platform, Google has announced that from January onwards, Chrome for Windows users will only be able to download and use extensions which are available on the Chrome Web Store.This new development will be applicable for both stable and beta browser releases. Local extensions will be however available on Canary and Dev...
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Syrian Electronic Army Hacks Truecaller Database, Around 1 Million Indian Users At Risk

Global phone directory app TrueCaller has been hacked into by Syrian Electronic Army (SEA). The mobile application allows cellphone users to trace callers’ ID and location in exchange for allowing the app access to their phone directories. The hacker group claimed on its Twitter accounts and its website, that it has managed to get access into the databases of the largest “telephone directory”...
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Android Has Had A Major Vulnerability Since The Last 4 Years

Android is not popular for its security implementation, as many security analysts and competitors have pointed out. The world’s most used mobile OS, it seems has had a major vulnerability since the last four years (since 1.6 or Donut). This exploit allows malicious hackers to change an .apk (android package file) without changing its cryptographic signature. What this means is that anyone can easily...
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Fakedefender Malware Locks Up Android Devices And Holds Them For Ransom

Considering that Android is available as an open source project, the developers and enthusiasts possess a series of opportunities to carry out various tips and tricks on this platform. Thus the platform’s popularity has led to a series of customization aspects and a variety of apps and other services being provided for a consumer. Usually users safeguard their desktops from malware, threats by installing...
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Google Transparency Report To Publish Malware And Phishing Data

Screenshot 2013-06-24 at 6.41.13 AM
Google is set to regularly publish Internet security data on malware and phishing scams that infect computers and steal consumer information. The report will be updated every week. The effort by the search engine is intended to highlight the number of viruses that are infecting Internet users’ computers, and in helping keep sites that host them accountable.Google defines the two types of unsafe...
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Mobile, Social Media Will Increasingly Fall Prey To Cybercrime: Symantec

The Norton Cyber Crime Report stated how India suffered losses to the tune of $8 billion in 2011 due to cybercrimes  This ridiculously large figure should give one an idea about what we stand to lose if we don’t fight cybercrime. One important thing to point out here is that these cybercrimes were committed only via the web. So, can you imagine what the losses will be like if the mobile and social...
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