Tamil Nadu Government Asks State Departments To Switch To Linux

The Tamil Nadu Government has asked the state departments under its purview to switch over to the free and open source Linux operating system. The decision comes in the light of Microsoft deciding to axe technical support for its outdated Windows XP operating system, which is still being used by the State Government.The TN Government has been specific about the directive and those state departments...
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Linux Foundation To Offer Free Online Course

Linux Foundation has teamed up with edX, a massive open online course platform to offer free online courses to anyone interested. The Foundation will be offering its $2,400 “Introduction to Linux” course for free through edX which was developed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University. The initiative is being launched by the duo with an aim to transform the open source...

Ubuntu Is On The Road To Convergence

Ubuntu, the most popular desktop Linux distribution out there, has a big plan – software convergence for major device types. This includes building an operating system which works well on different device types but also make it easy for developers to develop apps for all these device types with much less effort. According to the progress they are making, it seems like they are only ones right...
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Samsung To Give Exclusive Preview Of Tizen Phones Before Mobile World Congress

Samsung, which has grown to become the world’s largest phone manufacturer due its adoption of Android, has now announced that they will be showcasing the first round of its Tizen phones at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, one day before the event begins. According to an invitation which has been obtained by ZDNet Korea, the event will give a exclusive sneak preview of their Tizen devices.Tizen...
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Google’s Compute Engine Is Now Generally Available For All Developers

compute engine
Developers of cloud based software now have a reason to rejoice. The Google Compute Engine is now being classified as Generally Available, a term which means that all developers can now access it to run tasks in the cloud. Along with this availability, the company has also announced new features which might interest developers.   Google Compute Engine is part of Google’s Cloud business and offers...
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Jolla Debuts Sailfish OS Powered Smartphone

We  had covered Sailfish, the mobile OS that Finnish startup Jolla was developing, a few months back. The OS is based on MeeGo, the OS that Nokia abandoned in favor of Windows Phone OS. A lot of developers had dedicated a fair bit of time to Nokia’s linux based platform to see it get axed this way. The most passionate among them forked the MeeGo codebase and over time created the new gesture based...
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The Chromebook Pixel Is For Real And Is A Big Step Ahead For The Chromebook Series

Last week, there seemed to be a product leak from Google. This was about the so called Chromebook Pixel which was pegged as Google’s flagship computing device, something that could give some very good competition to Apple’s laptop products in terms of hardware. Google remained tight-lipped about it and the leak seemed to be unsubstantiated. Now, Google has officially removed the wraps from their...
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Ubuntu Joins The Mobile OS Fray; Will Demo It At CES 2013

Ubuntu, one of the most popular Linux distributions in the world unveiled some big plans day before yesterday. Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu already has aspirations for Linux to leave the geekiness associated with it far behind and break into the consumer mainstream, something Android has successfully done. Ubuntu Mobile, Ubuntu Desktop, Ubuntu TV and Ubuntu Enterprise are the different products...
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Sailfish, The OS That Nokia Would Have Shipped In An Alternate Universe

2013 might just turn out to be a killer year for mobile platforms! We have Blackberry launching BB 10 on January 30th. We also have Mozilla’s promising FireFox OS to look out for this year. Adding to this is a mobile design and development company, Jolla which has been working on its own open source mobile operating system. The startup is made up of Nokia employees that broke off from the company...
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Does The Single Board Processor Hold The Key To Low Cost Computing In A Post PC Era?

The world is riding the smartphone wave. Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy series and Xperia Neo will surely ring a bell as they are household names today. A telecommunications device strictly meant for verbal exchange over great distances has come from a rudimentary transmitter-receiver assembly to being what it is today – capable of stunning tasks; sleek and small, it carries capabilities of the fastest...