Reliance Games Acquires Mobile Game Development Studios And Publishers In Japan And Korea

Reliance Big Entertainment has announced that its international mobile gaming setup, Reliance Games has acquired mobile game development studios and publishers in Japan and Korea. Such a step was taken to expand Reliance Games and take it into the heart of geographical locations which have some of the highest number of mobile game players. The Japanese and Korean  markets are strategic ones to get...
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Reliance Industries Is Said To Have Partnered With Samsung To Deploy 4G Services In The Country

Okay, this is big! Close on the heels of Airtel and Videocon announcing 4G services in certain parts of the country, Reliance Industries, run by Mukesh Ambani, seems to have pulled off a big deal with Korean major, Samsung. The partnership deal seems to be confirmed but details are scarce for the moment except for the fact that Samsung will be providing its LTE platform and services to Reliance so...
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Indian Users Not Active Enough: Facebook’s Dilemma In India

Though Facebook is gaining rapid entry into Indians’ lives, it daily usage is still in lowly numbers.As the IPO filling before the US Securities and Exchange Commission continues to be scrutinized, new information will continue to trickle down. We had recently reported how Facebook still considers the ageing Orkut to be its adversary. In Orkut’s case Facebook had validated it saying the locally...
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Orkut Still A Contender Reveals Facebook’s IPO Filing!

Facebook feels that Orkut is still a worthy adversary for it in India. One of the largest, Facebook’s IPO filling keeps revealing many interesting tidbits. We recently wrote about how Facebook actually accepted it had rivals. But considering Orkut to be one of them is, well, amusing in the least.Sure it was a huge rage when Google introduced it. We remember filling in so many fun trivia & quizzes....
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3G Adoption Will Be Slow : Nielsen Study

We have written extensively about 3G, debated its tradeoffs, analyzed(and hoped) that it would spark off growth in related industries(here and here). And while there is a genuine buzz related to it, living in a technology centric world it is sometimes easy to lose touch with the ground reality. A study by the Nielsen Company ‘may’ dampen some of excitement around the ‘great 3G Dream’....
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