Indian Government Prepares To Thwart Cyber Attacks By Empowering Agencies To Carry Out Offensive Attacks

Now that the Indian Government is reeling under the waves of attacks, it is now planning to strike back. With a dual aim of enhancing protection & carrying out offensive attacks if threatened, the Government may soon bring into effect specific Agencies entrusted with such duties. Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh could soon approve such tactical roles for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)...
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Ojas-backed Tyfone Raises Funds And Grows

There exists a sector in the business world that is bent upon making human life (life related to business transactions) easier with the aid of technological innovations. Innovations such as mobile banking, mobile contactless payments, mobile identity management, etc that transform the way one transacts. From this sector emerges an up and coming technology firm named Tyfone that masters the facilitation...
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