ISPs Cannot Ensure Children Below 13 Are Barred From Social Sites

The Government has been officially told that Internet Service Providers (ISP) will not be able to ensure that underage users are prevented from accessing Social Media sites.ISPs have told the Government that they do not have any means to check if the user is underage and hence cannot prevent them from accessing Social Media sites. Why are ISPs asked to verify the underage criterion? The Delhi High...
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Government To Ask VoIP Services To Set Up Services In India And Segregate IP Addresses State-Wise

The Indian government has asked net telephony service providers which use the VoIP (Voice over internet Protocol) technology to set up their servers in India if they wish to operate within the country’s territory. Services that will be concerned with the development include Skype, Viber and other similar apps and programs.This is primarily because the government at the Centre wishes these companies...
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Madras High Court Asks ISPs To Block Offending Links And Not Websites

Access is denied notice on a notebook
The days of Internet Service Providers (ISP) blocking entire websites seem to be numbered. Madras High court (HC) has clarified that its earlier John Doe order was being used indiscriminately & should not be used to prevent access to entire websites.The HC has instead suggested that specific URLs that offer pirated content should be blocked. ISPs had appealed to the court against the ‘John...
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New Internet Surveillance Bill Attracts Media Attention After SOPA

Coming closely on the heels of the downfall of SOPA is another bill which might have some serious implications of the privacy of Internet users. We have heard that SOPA author Lamar Smith is sponsoring another bill called the ‘Protecting Children From Internet Pornographers Act of 2011″ (H.R. 1981). This bill is by no means recent as it was pushed through US House Judiciary Committee on July 28th,...
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Popular Music Website, Songs.Pk To Be Banned In India

It is quite common for Bollywood and Indian film music enthusiasts to log onto Pakistani music website to download all their favorite Bollywood songs and albums for free. Millions of songs have been downloaded illegally by Indians from over the years. For many years this was an open secret but not anymore. A collective of Industry organizations and one music company have formally lodged a...

BSNL Rolls Out Voice And Video Over Internet Protocol (VVoIP) Services In India

BSNL, in association with Sai Infosystem (SiS) has rolled out voice and video over Internet protocol (VVoIP) service in India in a bid to beat the stiff competition from various private players and Internet Service Providers (ISPs), reports CIOL.To get the basics right, VVoIP is a service that supports switching technology and allows for voice and video communication via the medium of internet. For...
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India’s Fight Against Piracy? – Four Member BitTorrent Gang Arrested

Like in any other country, BitTorrent is quite popular in India too. Perhaps, many BitTorrent websites get most of their websites traffic from the country owing to the proliferation of broadband internet at a very fast pace. According to TorrentFreak, India is one of the main markets for BitTorrent. At present the country has about 6% of the entire population getting access to broadband internet and...
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India : The Most Cyber Secure Nation in the World?

Atlanta-based security vendor SecureWorks recently unveiled the results of a study on cyber securities of nations. In what is dubbed as the ‘World Cup’ of cyber security, they compiled a list of countries that are most vulnerable to online attacks. India tops the list as the most cyber secure nation with an attacks-per-PC ratio of 0.05 while USA is the most targeted country with the rate...
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ISPs Sought Competition Panel For Domestic Net Telephony Restriction

ISPs after appealing several times to DoT for allowing them to carry unrestricted domestic internet telephony services has referred its case via a petition to Competition Commission of India. They are looking at respite from commission which could bolster their chances against DoT’s decision. Currently ISPs are only allowed to provide Net telephony for International voice traffic and domestic...
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ISP’s To Register All WIFI Users – DoT

Department of Telecommunication (DOT) has instructed the Internet service providers  ( ISP’s ) to register all the WIFI users in its network. The regulation is aimed to  prevent unauthorized WIFI usage. Many recent terrorist activities using unsecured WIFI networks to send mails led DOT to chalk this new regulation.DOT has ordered the ISP’s to register the customer’s using WIFI connection...