Apple Devices Would Play Google Music

Apple device users that love music may soon get to experience the Android side of the story. Google is about to launch the official Google Play music app for the iOS platform, sources have let it slip. According to a report by engadget, Google will end the seeming embargo on making music apps for Apple because Apple was unable to comply with the DRM restrictions set in place by Music labels, as Apple...
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Apple Sends Press Invites For iPhone Event On 10th September

iPhone event sept
Apple  has finally sent out invitations to media for a “special event” on Sept. 10 at its Cupertino headquarters, where it is widely expected to unveil new iPhones.  The news comes after series of photo and video leaks of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Last month a report from AllThingsD revealed the date of the event.The invite boasts of colorful dots of blue, green, yellow, pink and...
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Google Launches YouTube Capture App For iPad & iPad Mini

Following the launch of its YouTube Capture iPhone and iPod touch app last year, YouTube has released a version of the application for the iPad and iPad mini.If you’re unfamiliar with the YouTube capture app, perhaps a little background information is in order. As the name implies, the app is designed to allow users to record videos from their devices and then upload them instantly to YouTube. After...
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Facebook Releases Camera App For iOS But Doesn’t Include Any Instagram Features..

Social Networking company, Facebook has just released a camera app for Apple’s iOS. Titled, ‘Facebook Camera of iOS’, the application looks & functions almost identical to Instagram. The free application makes a sincere attempt at improving the photo capabilities offered by Facebook’s primary app for iPhone and iPod touch devices.What’s special?  Just like Instagram, the photos are...
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Steve Jobs Honored At Grammy For His Contributions

Late Steve Jobs who sparked the cultural metamorphosis in the digital music era and took user experience to the next level with iPod and iTunes was honored with the Grammy Trustees Award this Saturday. This award has been introduced keeping in mind the revolutions in music industry apart from the performances.Steve Jobs became immortal because of his mesmerizing innovations. While receiving this...
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eBay India Announces The Launch Of An iPhone App For Indian Consumers

eBay India has finally launched their first mobile application for the Indian market. iPhone and iPod Touch users can download this app for free from the iTunes App Store and use it to browse through over two million products on the eBay India site. The app also allows consumers to compare prices of the products on offer and shop. They can log in to their existing eBay accounts as well.eBay India...
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Apple And Life After Jobs

Steve Jobs resigned his post as the CEO of Apple. Inc, yesterday. This is truly an end of an era. Steve Jobs started Apple with his friend Steve Wozniak in 1976 when the idea of a personal computer was still in its infancy. Together, through several ups and downs, they managed to build it up to be the behemoth that it is today.Visionary, inspiring, enigmatic, erratic, eccentric, ruthless –...
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Apple Flows With Generosity, Repairing iOS Devices Damaged By Japan Tsunami

Normally, water and other accidental damage is not covered in Apple device’s warranty and voids it. However, in a welcome move, Apple Japan has announced that it will repair any Macs, Cinema Displays, iPhones, iPads or iPod touches damaged in the recent Tsunami that ravaged the nation. This means the iPod classic, iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle are excluded.The offer applies to those directly affected...
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AppleTV & Ping – New Game Changers For Apple?

Apple on Wednesday unveiled a number of additions to its current offerings which included revamped range of IPods, new versions of iOS software, iTunes 10 with a new logo and improved features but the offerings which have elicited tremendous response from followers and critics are the introduction of re-designed version of Apple TV and Apple’s foray into social networking with Ping, a place to...
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Annual Apple iTunes Event May Reveal New iPod, iTunes Or Apple TV

Apple Inc., hosting an annual event devoted to music and media tomorrow, may introduce a revamped iTunes site, an upgraded iPod and push deeper into consumers’ living rooms with a new TV set-top box that plays video. Long before the iPhone, the iPod was the device that helped transform Apple from computer company into a consumer electronics company. But today, the ubiquitous music player has become...
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