Laptops & Smartphones Preferred Over Tablets For Internet Access: Deloitte Research

The tablet segment, which has been getting exceptional response, with customers picking up units in rapid succession, is in for a rather disturbing insight by global consultancy & research firm Deloitte.The organization has concluded via a latest survey that users have been shown to prefer laptops & smartphones against tablet PCs to access internet & consume content therein. According...
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Internet Adoption Speeding Primarily Due To Mobiles: TRAI

mobile internet
As per the latest Performance Indicator Study released by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), the Indian Internet segment is witnessing a significant shift in the technology adoption to access internet.The report indicates that internet users are slowly preferring to access internet, mainly from their mobile devices or a communications standard that works on associated technologies, say...
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India Could Have The World’s Second Largest Internet Population By Next Year Surpassing Even US: IAMAI & IMRB

The Internet using population in India may be just 16% of the total population, but in a country with more than 1.1 Billion citizens, even this number will be enough to accord the country with the title of ‘Second Most Online Populous Country In The World’, revealed a report by the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and IMRB.By the end of the previous month, India had more than...
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Mobile Phone Subscriptions Will Outnumber People By 2014: ITU Report

The International Telecommunication Union (which suffered quite a bit of negative PR last year) has now announced that the number of mobile phone subscriptions will surpass the world population early next year. This predicted statistic will help you appreciate the reach and penetration that these pocket devices enjoy and this is the same reason that makes them so powerful.According to ITU report,...
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Average Internet Speeds In India Increased By 19%: Akamai Report

We reported yesterday about the State of the Internet Report from Akamai which said that global internet speeds had increased considerably in the ending months of 2012. The global average peak connection speed rose by 35% as compared to the previous quarter. The average connection speed also showed an increase of 25%.  South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong were some prominent names when it came to increase...
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Global Internet Speeds Are Up According To Akamai’s State Of The Internet Report

According to the latest State of the Internet report from Akamai Technologies,  internet speeds (specifically broadband speeds) across the globe seem to be going up in a marked manner. The global average peak connection speed rose by 35% during the ending months of 2012. The State of the Internet report covers the last three months of 2012.Global highlights: 1. The global average connection speed...
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Indian Internet Connectivity Among The Worst In The World, Says Akamai Technologies

We all know how Internet Connectivity in India is abysmal in comparison to other countries like South Korea, Japan and the USA. A recent study by Akamai Technologies, the world’s biggest content delivery platform, has shown just how bad the state of Internet connectivity is in India.Akamai was able to get the data for these studies through its Akamai Intelligent Platform for the State of the Internet...
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India Will Have A Larger Base Of Internet Users Compared To USA

In the beginning of this year, a study was conducted by IAMAI (Internet and Mobile Association Of India) and the findings were released recently that in all over India, Internet services are availed by 112 million people. And it is believed that by the end of the year, the figures would reach 121 million. It is important to note that 112 million Internet users also includes those who have accessed...
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Net Surfing During Office Hours Can Be Harmful

How much time do you spend surfing the net in office? If you don’t know then its time you make a note. A recent survey has pointed out that member of staff using the Internet for personal work during office hours are destroying their affiliation with their boss and senior management, carried on a survey among 22658 employees and 3296 hiring managers and senior executives...

Lunch Hour Is The Peak Time For Internet Usage:IMRB

What do you do during the lunch hours at the office besides having lunch? Perhaps connect with some friends or read some interesting stuff. And what’s the best medium you opt for? It’s Internet. How do we know all these? Because a majority of population, including us, follow the same routine. And this is the reason why the time between 1 pm to 2 pm has emerged as the ‘peak hour‘...
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