Facebook’s Government Requests Report Shows That India Leads In Terms Of Content Censorship

Facebook released its second Government Requests Report today and it shows that the Indian Government has been making a significant amount of requests for blocking content on the website. The report has data from two separate time period: July to December, 2013 and January to June, 2013. The dataset between July to December, 2013 shows that India made 3958 total requests to Facebook. These requests...
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ISPs Cannot Ensure Children Below 13 Are Barred From Social Sites

The Government has been officially told that Internet Service Providers (ISP) will not be able to ensure that underage users are prevented from accessing Social Media sites.ISPs have told the Government that they do not have any means to check if the user is underage and hence cannot prevent them from accessing Social Media sites. Why are ISPs asked to verify the underage criterion? The Delhi High...
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Indian Government Data Requests To Google Decline Slightly

Google has released an updated version of its regular Transparency Report in order to gives users an idea about the number of requests that it receives from Governments across the world with respect to user accounts and user data. User information requests have increased across the world by around 120% over the period of the last 4 years. USA is the top country when it comes to the number of data requests...
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Competition Commission Of India Fines Google Rs.1 Crore For Non-Compliance With Anti-trust Investigation

More than two weeks back, we wrote about how the Competition Commission of India had pulled up Google India for alleged anti-competitive practices in its search products. Google has had this issue with both the US Government and the EU. Since Google has become the defacto search engine in the world, there are some valid reasons to suspect anti-competitive practices both intentional and unintentional.The...
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Tamil Nadu Government Asks State Departments To Switch To Linux

The Tamil Nadu Government has asked the state departments under its purview to switch over to the free and open source Linux operating system. The decision comes in the light of Microsoft deciding to axe technical support for its outdated Windows XP operating system, which is still being used by the State Government.The TN Government has been specific about the directive and those state departments...
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Microsoft Releases Transparency Report For Second Half Of 2013

Microsoft has released information about the law enforcement requests that it got from Governments around the world in the second half of 2013. This is the second transparency report the company has made since it debuted its first one in March 2013.   The report lists the number of legal information requests the company received in terms of user information and user content. Talking specifically...
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Google Maps Gets To Feature 360 Degree Maps Of 101 Indian Heritage Monuments

Google Maps will soon feature 360 Degree Views of 101 Indian Heritage Monuments, with 22 already in process of being digitally captured. Google Inc. the maker of public access mapping and virtual tour platform Google Maps, has managed to get the privilege of 3D mapping 101 Indian Heritage Monuments. In an agreement signed between the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) and Google Inc., the search...
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Nokia’s Tax Issue With The Indian Government Is Still Unresolved

Nokia Corp.’s Mobile Business may have been successfully acquired by Microsoft, but the former’s factory in India is still in limbo.The Indian Government is still at loggerheads with the Finnish Company over a long–standing Tax Dispute that might just prove highly detrimental to Microsoft Inc. who recently acquired the Mobile Phone Business of Nokia. What’s the issue? As part of the deal...
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Huawei Strongly Denies Hacking BSNL Network, Chinese Companies Targeted?

Chinese Networking and Telecom Equipment supplier Huawei has strongly denied any wrongdoing, about which a written application was submitted in the Lok Sabha (House Of Commons).Indian Minister of State for Communications and IT, Killi Kruparani’s submitted a written reply to the Lok Sabha yesterday that the government is investigating an incident of Huawei allegedly hacking BSNL’s network. Interestingly,...
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Delhi High Court Criticizes Government For Delay In Formulating Email Policy For Its Employees

With Data Privacy being taken very seriously, the Indian Judiciary rapped the Government for dragging their feet in formulating and implementing E–Mail Policy for Government Employees.The Delhi High Court, which routinely listens to arguments related to the Internet policy, issued a rather stern worded reprimand to the assembled delegation from the Government about the delay in implementation of...
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