Two Indian Companies Called ‘TapToLearn’ & ‘Plivo’ To Be Incubated By US Based Y Combinator

US Based Y Combinator has accepted Indian startups TapToLearn & Plivo into its incubation program. Y-Combinator is a early stage incubator which offers mentorship, office space and many other facilities to startups and their founders. Y-Combinator alumni include Dropbox, Scribd, Reddit, AirBnb, Discus and Posterous.TapToLearn is an new-age company that focuses on developing learning programs...
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Microsoft Wants To Incubate Indian Startups Who Want To Use Its Azure Platform

Microsoft will soon open a parallel incubator program in India. The first one was in Israel. This is how the Israeli Incubator looks, courtesy: TheNextWeb Why? Microsoft’s cloud computing program Azure, needs startups that are focused on working with cloud computing. Hence Microsoft is willing to offer office space, mentorship, and $60,000 in credits to use Microsoft’s Azure platform. Attempts...
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Exclusive Interview: Puneet Vatsayan, Chairman and Co-Founder of The Hatch, India’s First Large Scale Incubator Program

India as a country has endless possibilities. Until now, enterprising youngsters had an uphill climb with respect to getting in touch with the right people, securing funding and starting up in general. Since till now, you could only secure Venture Capital but that is not all when it comes to a startup. Emerging companies and their helmsmen also require guidance and support and a firm which provides...
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