Vodafone Government Saga Rekindles With $3.7 Bn Fine

Post liberalization, multi-national companies have entered the Indian market by the hundreds. They have been allowed to conduct business largely undisturbed, but there are times when India’s License Raj Mentality causes conflicts between companies and the Government, ¬†especially the Income Tax Authorities. One such case is that of Vodafone.The Vodafone – Indian Income Tax Authorities...
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SC Saves Vodafone From $2.2 Billion IT Fine

Vodafone finally has a reason to cheer. We had earlier reported¬†on how they didn’t seem to be making much money on their venture into India. This was primarily due to high 3G costs and a messy legal tangle with the Indian Government. According to the Indian Income Tax Department, they owed them Rs. 11,000 Crores in Taxes. They claimed it was due to them for Vodafone’s takeover of Hutchison...
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