India To Look For US Assistance For Monitoring Online Chats

India is going to ask U.S. authorities for help in learning how to monitor chats over social messaging platforms. The Government of India will seek US assistance to share its technology that can help decrypt messages sent over WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, WeChat and Blackberry.In a note issued ahead of the Indo-US Police Chiefs conference to be held on December 4 and 5, India’s Union Home Ministry...
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Microsoft Helped NSA Spy On Users’ E-mails And Skype Calls

Based upon reports from The Guardian, it is understood that Microsoft has been collaborating with the National Security Agency for fulfilling its Internet surveillance program PRISM. It is believed that Microsoft had liaised with the US intelligence services in order to generate information by accessing emails and listen to other Skype video calls.These operations were performed by the software giant’s...
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Microsoft Outlook Gets Google Talk Integration

Microsoft recently retired its Hotmail Service & went all out in ensuring its users migrate safely to its newer avatar; Now the revamped & reworked iteration features core integration of Google’s instant messaging platform, Google Talk, more commonly known as GTalk.How did Google agree to such a synergy? Google has a competitive product in the form of Google Mail or Gmail....
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Microsoft Integrates Skype Into

Microsoft has announced that it is launching a preview of Skype for The service will kickstart in UK and will be rolled out to users in the U.S. and Germany “in the coming weeks.” Further international expansion including India is expected this summer. The move allows users to make audio and video calls and send Skype instant messages via the website once they download...
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Microsoft Reveals User Data Requests By Law Enforcement Agencies In 2012

Last Friday, Microsoft announced that it had received around 418  requests to disclose information by the Indian Government in 2012. There were 594 user accounts that were specified in this request. This is the first time that the company has revealed such data. It plans to regularly release such data in its ‘Law Enforcement Requests Report’ to keep the service transparent.Microsoft released...
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Microsoft Starts The Long Due Shift From Hotmail To Outlook

When Microsoft launched last year, it was certain that sooner or later it will phase out its regular email service, it was just a matter of when, and now it is final. Microsoft is officially shifting its services from Hotmail to and it aims to shift all the users by the end of the year. It would face certain difficulties as people don’t like change and there...
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Gmail Could Now Be The Most Widely Used Email Client; ComScore Says Otherwise

Google’s own e-mail client Gmail, could be the number 1 e-mail client, if the company’s internal numbers are to be believed. Internet search giant, in its own findings has stated that Gmail is now being used by 425 Monthly Active Users (MAU).  In comparison, Hotmail has 360 Million MAU.Interestingly, the results are from the company’s own internal data with no external third-party verification....
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Sabeer Bhatia’s Brand New Venture JaxtrSMS: Will It Be Revolutionary Like Hotmail ?

We SMS more than we talk; this is a known fact now. Social networking sites, mobile apps and free SMS services are all vying for your (the consumers) attention. JaxtrSMS is the newest entrant in this space. Hotmail co-founder, Sabeer Bhatia, who is serial entrepreneur, is also part of Jaxtr Inc, the company responsible for developing this new application.JaxtrSMS will enable users to send text messages...
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Microsoft Services Get Fixed After Outage

Last Friday, Windows Live and Hotmail went down unexpectedly, rendering millions of users offline. Microsoft released a statement saying that it became aware of the problem at about 08:30 am. Services started to be restored at 11:00 am. All the internet services that Microsoft operates like Hotmail, Skydrive and Windows Live were amongst those that were affected by the outage.A Microsoft spokesperson...
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Microsoft Unveils Windows Phone 7.1 Mango; Packs In 500 New Features

Microsoft has pulled a Google! The software giant has announced that the next version of its mobile operating system, Windows Phone 7.1 will be codenamed ‘Mango’.Mango comes with 500 new features which includes enhanced Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn integration, hands-free messaging, a multiple email inbox and the ability to chat with friends using Facebook Chat, Windows Live Messenger...
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