Google Expands Android Security With Update To Verify Apps Feature

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Google has announced that it is adding another security layer to Android which will verify apps installed on OS continuously. Apps are the new playground for malicious individuals and Android has had instances of vulnerability due to the sheer number of Android apps that were popping up till last year because of the somewhat lax nature of Google’s app verification process after a developers sends...
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Google’s Project Ara Has Made Significant Progress On Modular Smartphones

Google’s Project Ara aims to build the world’s first modular smartphone. By baking in modularity right into the design of their new phone, the company hopes to give users the ultimate choice when it comes to deciding what hardware specs they would want on their phones.When Google sold off Motorola to Lenovo, it did keep its Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) out of the deal. ATAP is now...
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Android KitKat Adoption Doubles, Reaches 5% Of All Android Installs

Google has released Android distribution data collected during a 7-day period ending on April 1, 2014. Android KitKat 4.4 usage has more than doubled its share of active installs in only a month. The latest iteration from Google is now active on 5.3% of all Android devices as compared to mere 2.2%  in March. Android Jelly Bean 4.2 has registered a small decline to 61.4% from a flat 62.0%, as...
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Google+ Now Shows Total Page View Counts To Users

Google+ has added number of page views to users along with their profile. You can now see how many views a profile’s posts and pictures have received. The number is visible in the header of the profile, right next to the number of followers “Ever wonder how many times your shared Google+ content has been seen? Starting today you’ll see a new number on your Google+ profile or page: total...
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Google Makes ‘Powered By Android’ Logo Mandatory On Boot

Screenshot - Monday 31 March 2014 - 04:05:33  IST
There were rumors last week about Google wanting to rein in OEMs who have tried hard to distance themselves from Google when it comes Android. While they do use Android, they have made many cosmetic changes with the UI which results in the ultimate UI not looking much like Android at all. Even though this it completely legal, Google is not happy about this because OEMs are not explicitly letting users...

Indian Government Data Requests To Google Decline Slightly

Google has released an updated version of its regular Transparency Report in order to gives users an idea about the number of requests that it receives from Governments across the world with respect to user accounts and user data. User information requests have increased across the world by around 120% over the period of the last 4 years. USA is the top country when it comes to the number of data requests...
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Dell Agrees To Pay Microsoft License Fees For Android And Chrome OS Devices

Dell is the latest company which has agreed to pay Microsoft royalties on the sales of its Android and Chrome OS based products. Microsoft has had this ‘unique’ patent licensing agreement with other OEMs like Samsung, HTC and Fujitsu. So this question comes up – Why would Microsoft get royalty on products being developed by Google?According to Microsoft, Google’s Android and Chrome OS...
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Facebook Building Drones To Provide Internet Across World

facebook drone interent
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced today that the Facebook Connectivity Lab, a division within his company is working with drones, satellites and lasers to expand Internet connectivity in the world. In August last year, Facebook had collaborated with six tech companies to launch whose main aim is to bring affordable internet access across the world . Those efforts have been responsible...
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Google Offers A Live Trending Map Of India’s Politicians In Revamped Elections Page

Google has offered a newly reworked Elections Page for the Great General Elections soon to be held in India.Significantly extending the ‘Pledge to Vote’ campaign that the search giant exercised recently, Google has revamped the core Elections Page and has come–up with nifty Live Trending features that offer an instant glimpse about popular politicians. The new Elections Page is now a more vibrant...
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Amazon Web Services Slashes Prices In Response To Google New Cloud Pricing

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has become a major player in cloud hosting and computing because of its pay per use model and the huge infrastructural offering. It is the number one resource for startups to host their cloud focused software and apps and thus avoid the complications of setting up their own server clusters. Google’s Cloud offering competes with Amazon in the same space and yesterday, Google...
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