Google Rolls Out Android Device Manager

Google has finally launched the Android Device Manager app on Google Play store. Similar to Apple’s Find My iPhone app, the Android Device Manager lets you locate a missing device on a map, make a phone ring to help you find it and remotely lock or erase a device if necessary.Introduced back in August but only available on the Web until now, the app runs on any device running Android 2.3...
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Google Is Cleverly Embedding Chrome OS In Windows 8

Google has spent a lot of time developing  ChromeOS for Chromebooks. However, the use case for these Chromebooks seems to be limited. They are very likely to replace netbooks compared to desktop operating systems like Windows, Linux and OS X. At the same time, Google’s Chrome browser is now the most used web browser in the world. Using Chrome’s popularity on the desktop, Google is now working...
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REVIEW: Google Play Music All Access App

It’s been almost a week since Google announced their own streaming music service to compete with established services like Spotify and Pandora — Google Play Music All Access — and now that I’ve had a chance to play around with the app; I thought about sharing my experience with the app in a blog post.Google Play Music All Access app (yeah, the name totally sucks) was launched just about...
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Google Apps Is No Longer Free For Business

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Google Apps is a productivity and email solution which helps you to use Google services like Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Youtube and others using your own domain. This is especially useful for small and upcoming businesses and it removes the headache of maintaining your own mail servers and severely complicating things. Google Apps is a simple enough solution and can be deployed very easily.There used...

Google’s EdTech Team Conducts Education Summit With InOpen Technologies. A First For India

IIT-Bombay spinoff InOpen Technologies recently collaborated with Google’s Edtech Team to organize ‘Google Apps for Education India Summit’. Held for 2 days at the American School of Bombay, the summit was first of its kind & meant to introduce Google Apps geared for education.Google Apps is a collective effort of the search giant Google that aims to offer a plethora of internet driven...
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Gmail Can Now Translate Email From Other Languages, Makes Collaboration Across Countries Easier

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Gmail is one of the most widely used email service in existence today and it is getting better at its job every passing year. Besides the design interface that Google pushed some months back, there are many productivity features it comes with. The Gmail team announced yesterday on their official blog that they have introduced three new features in Gmail. The outstanding one among them is email translation,...
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The Race For Cloud Computing Dominance Between Microsoft & Google Heats Up In India

Microsoft and Google have both established themselves in the country with their offerings of personal productivity software and services. And now they are competing against each other in the still nascent field of Cloud Computing for enterprise. Cloud Computing is the new buzzword on everyone’s lips. What does it mean exactly or is everyone just going gaga over nothing?Cloud Computing for Enterprises...
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Rural India Set To Undergo Digitization

With intent to empower the digitalization of rural India, UPA has announced a scheme to provide broadband connectivity. The announcement made will cost Rs. 20,000 crore in the initial phase. The new scheme will ensure that the gram sabhas at the village level will be connected with the rest of the governmental system, opening up new avenues for delivery of services to the people, including e-governance,...
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Microsoft’s New Cloud Version Of Office Apps Now In India

This Wednesday Software giant Microsoft announced its new plan to launch Office 365 in India which is a cloud version of its Office products. This will be a boon in disguise to the enterprises in the nation to access high end solutions such as emails as well as other pay-per-use models of collaboration tools.We have reported earlier that among 38 countries including India promoting it as a tool for...
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Microsoft Acquires Skype For $8.5 Billion; How Will This Affect The Tech World?

One of the biggest deals of the tech world has been announced — Microsoft has acquired Skype for $8.5 billion. The aftershocks of this deal would be felt on three subsets of the tech world — mobile, social networking, SMB services — other than improving real-time communication over various platforms. Microsoft is expected to bring in deeper Skype integration into Lync, Outlook, Xbox...
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