Google Adds Handwriting Support To Gmail And Google Docs

Google is bringing one of its popular and coolest feature to Gmail and Google Docs. The search engine giant is adding handwriting feature which will enable users to hand write their emails and documents using their computer mouse or trackpad. Both Gmail and Google Docs within Drive will allow users to draw single or multiple characters using a mouse cursor or their finger on a trackpad.Google said...
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Yahoo Adorns New Look For Mail With Themes, Features And 1TB Storage

yahoo mail revamp1
After getting a new logo last month, Yahoo is now giving its Mail a major makeover across all platforms viz. desktop, iOS, Android and Windows 8. The update takes a leaf from Gmail and introduces conversation threads that lets users search, star and delete mails in one-click. ”We redesigned Yahoo Mail to be more efficient, too,” Jeffrey Bonforte, senior vice president of communication...
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Google Introduces Card-Style Layout For Android

The Gmail app for Android is set to go a makeover yet again. This would be another incident where the e-mail provider’s user interface is being changed. Earlier there have been changes of magnitude small and big but the app currently is going to feature a card-style based layout. The app aims to imitate the idea of using index cards to better highlight multi person conversations. Threaded messages...
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Google Subtly Modifies Gmail And Sidetracks e-Retailers In The Process

Google’s widely popular mailing platform Gmail has been gaining a lot of traction. However, with the latest modifications Google seems to be sidelining online retailers and other e-Commerce players. Gmail has been undergoing some subtle changes and the search company was rolling these out gradually. The latest to make a noticeable mark was the automated segregation of mails based on their origin...
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Internet Behemoth Google Turns 15!

Who knew that Google’s debut on September 4, 1998 would change the World Wide Web forever. The internet giant has come a long way since its debut by duo Larry Page and Sergey Brin in a small garage.  Many of you might not know this but Google was originally called as ‘BackRub’ and was started by duo in 1996. But after two years, they incorporated the new company, changing the name...
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Government Will Soon Ask Its Employees To Stop Using Gmail For Official Purposes

The Indian Government is expected to soon make an announcement asking its employees to stop using Public Email services like Gmail to send and receive official communication.Clearly intended to further bolster security of governmental and associated information, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology is soon expected to send out a formal communication, asking 5 Lakh Government...
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Google Officially Announces Android 4.3 Jelly Bean With 3D Gaming, Restricted Profiles And more

Google has finally made Android 4.3 Jelly Bean official after a few leaks and rumors. The new version of Google’s popular operating system brings some improvements and developments over its predecessor Android Jelly Bean 4.2. The latest update does not bring any breakthrough new features but updates the existing one. Android 4.3 Jelly Bean which supports the latest Nexus 7 tablet boasts of feature...
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Now You Can Expect To See Ads In Your Gmail Inbox Disguised As Emails

Gmail Ads
Back in May, we had seen Gmail launching a new inbox which provided a tabbed layout that automatically placed emails into folders based on their content. The inbox was divided into distinct parts like one inbox for social media updates, one for promotions, one for message boards, one for bills and receipts, and one primary inbox for other stuff.After new Gmail’s introduction in May, a new change...
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Airtel Partners With Google To Offer Free Mobile Internet Access For Google Services

airtel free zone
In a bid to help feature phone users with internet access, Airtel in partnership with Google is rolling out a new program to provide free internet access on mobile devices to its customers. Titled as ‘Free Zone’ the subscribers will be allowed free access to Google’s services like Gmail, Google+ and the Google search engine, but will be forced to pay for advance services such as attachment...
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New Google Groups Comes With Better Features

Since its launch many years ago, Google Groups has been an easy way for Gmail users to interact with people and get a discussion going. I have used it to plan events, shows and even get some work done. Since the advent of Facebook and its groups feature, we have slowly seen Google Groups becoming irrelevant. Groups still retains loyal users who have been taking part in discussions since a long time....
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