Experimental Gmail Feature For Promotional Emails Might Be Good For Marketers

The new Gmail has not been that kind to email marketers. Firstly, the service introduced an inbox classification which clearly labelled promotional mails as such, thus drastically reducing the open rates for promotional emails being sent by marketers and brands. Users now have a choice to ignore these mails and just look at the inboxes which are necessary. Earlier all mails used to be come through...
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Google’s Gmail Will Now Be Encrypted To Prevent Government Snooping

Google Mail or as it is popularly known Gmail will henceforth be encrypted to prevent eavesdropping.Search Company Google, which offers Gmail, a highly popular email service, has decided to follow in the footsteps of Microsoft and Yahoo and has confirmed that the platform will now be heavily encrypted to ‘thwart snooping’.  The revelation comes amidst rising concerns of multiple Governments...
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Gmail Adds Unsubscribe Button To Curb Promotional Mails

Google is making it easier for its users to unsubscribe from marketing mails. The company has introduced a new unsubscribe feature to its popular mail platform, Gmail. Users who want to unsubscribe from marketing emails quickly and easily can simply click “unsubscribe” link right in the header information of that particular email. Once you click on the button, an email will actually be...
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Delhi High Court Criticizes Government For Delay In Formulating Email Policy For Its Employees

With Data Privacy being taken very seriously, the Indian Judiciary rapped the Government for dragging their feet in formulating and implementing E–Mail Policy for Government Employees.The Delhi High Court, which routinely listens to arguments related to the Internet policy, issued a rather stern worded reprimand to the assembled delegation from the Government about the delay in implementation of...
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Gmail Suffers Outage Across The World

gmail app
Gmail service went down on Friday affecting millions of people across the world. The popular email service from Google suffered an outage due to a software bug, according to a statement released by Google Friday evening. The worst of the outage lasted for approximately 10 minutes, though services remained unstable for about an hour.“Earlier today, most Google users who use logged-in services...
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Latest Gmail Update Lets Users Email Anyone On Google+ And Vice Versa

Google has updated Gmail with a new feature that may or may not be well received by users. The search engine giant has announced new integration between Gmail and Google+ that lets users with a Google+ account send you an email to your Gmail account directly and vice versa. The feature which will roll out in the next couple of days is expected to raise security concerns among users.“As...
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Google Announces That Users Can Download Their Data From Gmail And Google Calendar

Google has today announced that users will now be able to download their Gmail and Google Calendar data from Google Takeout. Google Takeout is a service which lets users download all their data from Google. This can be done for backing up your data or to transfer it to another service. Google Takeout has been available since more than a year and has been offering data download options for Google products...

Now You Can Save All Your Gmail Attachments In Google Drive

For most business email users, attachments are a nightmare. This is simply because the only way to access them in most cases is to download them and open them. Besides being a drag, this also inadvertently fills up your downloads folder. Most people don’t clean up their downloads folder and within a week you are looking at a mess. You can’t delete these files in one go because you think there might...
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Gmail Adds Quick Action Buttons For Youtube, Dropbox, Google Drive and Other Services

Gmail’s quick action buttons, which the company announced this May, are designed to speed up tasks while you are checking your mail. The problem with email is that while it is a necessity, tonnes of mails end up obscuring the links, documents and other things that users want to do. For example, if a mail has a link to a video, you have to open the mail, click the link and then watch the video in...
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Indian Government May Ban Private Email Services For Official Communication By December

The Government of India has announced that it may ban private email services like Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook for official communications between its employees because of the potential implications of surveillance being carried out by the NSA and therefore the US Government. The leaks against NSA have alleged that the secretive organisation had collaborated with various US technology companies to spy...
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