India and Germany Join Hands To Share Solar Power Expertise

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India’s role in the Global energy scenario is indelibly crucial owing to its geographical location, trade ties with surrounding nations and its position on the global market as the economy. It is for the same reasons and some others like diversity, heavy population, the center of development for the past two decades that India needs new measures to meet its energy demands and the government and the...
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Indian Smartphone Users More Ready To Give Up Television Than Other Smartphone Markets

A study conducted by Google and IPSOS has found out that Indian smartphone users are surprisingly more attached to their smartphones than other mature smartphone markets like UK and Germany. Television is indeed a big part of Indian content consumption but it is increasingly losing out to smartphones. Indian smartphone users are mainly using their devices to search for information, shop online, watch...
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Your Beloved Android App May Be Leaking Data: Study

There’s no questioning about the popularity of Google’s Mobile Operating System; Android. With a sleek interface & regular updates Google has delivered a highly potential product that runs on, literally millions of smartphones. Additionally, there are over a million applications or as they are simply called apps that extend the phone or tablet’s functionality. A significant portion of these...
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German Internet Firm Launches

There has been a lot of interest in the business of online couponing in the country. Just recently we saw the launch of the Rocket Internet venture called Cuponation. Now, the German Internet company, Mein Gutscheincode has brought its service CouponHero to the country. The name ‘Mein Gutscheincode’ literally means ‘My Coupon Code’ according to Google Translate.CouponHero has coupons from...
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Amazon’s Growth Surpasses Estimates. Why?

Amazon Inc. has posted its first Quarter results & they are better than expected., the world’s online supermarket posted its Quarterly balance sheet & left market investors happily surprised. Industry experts had pegged Amazon’s earning at US$ 12.91 Billion, but Amazon managed to exceed that & earned US$ 13.18 Billion.However, earnings were down 35% from a year ago. But...
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Orkut Still A Contender Reveals Facebook’s IPO Filing!

Facebook feels that Orkut is still a worthy adversary for it in India. One of the largest, Facebook’s IPO filling keeps revealing many interesting tidbits. We recently wrote about how Facebook actually accepted it had rivals. But considering Orkut to be one of them is, well, amusing in the least.Sure it was a huge rage when Google introduced it. We remember filling in so many fun trivia & quizzes....
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How The Young Buy Mobile Phones : Report

Neilsen has released a whitepaper tited : Mobile Youth Around the world. It goes into details of how they select their phones, who decides what phone they buy and factors they take into consideration – in the first half of 2010. The surveyed individuals were all within the age group 15-24. The main countries featured are UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Russia, India, China, US. Some of the...
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Ojas-backed Tyfone Raises Funds And Grows

There exists a sector in the business world that is bent upon making human life (life related to business transactions) easier with the aid of technological innovations. Innovations such as mobile banking, mobile contactless payments, mobile identity management, etc that transform the way one transacts. From this sector emerges an up and coming technology firm named Tyfone that masters the facilitation...
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India Hooked On To Football Fever – Nielsen

Fresh news out of the oven is that on one hand, you have Spanish fans celebrating their whooping victory over Netherlands to clinch the title for the first time, while on the other you have some critics blaming the players and referee of foul play. So what if we Indians don’t qualify for the world cup? That doesn’t stop us from discussing this raging topic with gusto! According to Nielsen...
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Wikipedia To Go Off-Line In September, Publish A Book In Germany

  These days kids, youngsters and aged people love learning and reading e-books. Keeping in mind the increasing use of Internet, universities like IIT have started their lectures on Youtube. A similar trend was followed by Encyclopedia Of Life (EOL) by switching to online media. But, Wikipedia plans to enter the EOL’s market and hence goes off-line. Wikipedia was recently funded $ 3 Million...
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